I can’t think that these two are still top top this interminable not-date… They’re in the museum, which is open and also busy surprisingly late. It was sunset prior to they even dueled Johnny Steps, climate they had to get from Kaibaland to the museum. And also it doesn’t it seems ~ to it is in winter, since Yami comfortably hangs out external in the dark v no jacket on (thank you, animators!) for this reason I’m going come say it need to be prefer 9 afternoon by now. This is a 12 hour date!


“Because of mine hair. NO ONE has actually hair the ridiculous yet me.”

He realises he should be a thousands of years old heart of a king from old Egypt, based on, I must say, part pretty shaky evidence. I suppose he instinctively knows it to be true, currently that the idea has actually been triggered. And also he takes it well!


At first I to be like“Cool her studded high heeled boots, Yami!” but on reflection, literally everyone he’s met with an object so much has acted favor a nosy asshole at best (Shaadi, and Marik although the doesn’t know that) and also tried to kill him/Yugi at worst (Pegasus, Bakura). So, fair question.

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Ishizu simply says her Item isn’t his adversary which I would certainly frankly take together a substantial red flag however Yami seems cool with it.

And then he thinks about Kaiba for a bit.



So. This shooty the end holograph projectors. How do lock get back into the Duel decaying for following time? carry out you, after her dramatic victory, have to hang around and also pick them up and also slot them earlier in? This whole thing seems just marginally much less inconvenient than Pegasus’s Duel Arenas… you still need to have a huge open an are and at least the Duel Arenas were never ever going to take it someone’s head off.

Anyway, Kaiba is likewise thinking about Yami…


It’s rotate THREE, Seto. The robot summoned that literally as quick as it could! God you’re for this reason impatient!

Mokuba’s watching through the … duel scientists? … up over the experimentation area, and also he’s FREAKING OUT.


It describes all the cards it plays, at, like, 4Kids level that unnecessary. It also has a strange masculine voice, which appears wrong come me because the dub robot was a woman’s voice. And also it has actually a shit ton of good luck. Ns think it’s most likely cheating wildly. Those duel researchers couldn’t number out exactly how to develop a regime that might play Duel Monsters and an actual person, therefore they simply made it able come cheat.

Kaiba isn’t fazed.


CALL yourself A DUEL SCIENTIST?! (probably not) are YOU informing ME you CAN’T THINK of A SINGLE means TO defeat THE BLUE eye ULTIMATE?! ns mean, Yami did it! and Kaiba has actually a card that destroys dragon-type monsters on the field. These men are the worst duel researchers ever! No wonder the robot has to cheat, if this assholes programmed it.

Also lock say the Kaiba programmed it to mimic“real battle damage”, which, i dunno, like… What walk that also mean? Like, will certainly the Duel disk somehow cause him the same damage that an actual DRAGON would certainly do? Unlikely.

Anyway, Kaiba is also distracted thinking about Yami to hear to Mokuba informing him to speak to off the duel because of potential physical danger.


#justsaying #obsessed #himnotme #butalsome

Anyway, that does manage to tear self away from imagining his boyfriend rival long enough to summon OBILISK THE an excellent WAR GOD.

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This card video game is an extremely unsafe! If i were Mokuba, I’d it is in worried around Kaiba. And if i were Kaiba, I’d it is in WORRIED around MOKUBA, FFS, SETO, her GOD card IS EXPLODING things RIGHT beside YOUR little BROTHER girlfriend ARE claimed TO it is in THE RESPONSIBLE ADULT

But he’s as well busy obtaining his stone golem to punch his dragon in the stomach


… His genuine Blue Eyeses weren’t in the robot, were they? Like, can you imagine?! (So the totally means the robot was cheating, v fake cards. Fake cards Kaiba gave it, however still.)

Anyway, on a scale of one come maniacal laughter, Kaiba is nice clear that he’s satisfied through the outcome of his test.