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I just wanted to compose something giving a little information ~ above the Sears X-Cargo sports 20 I newly purchased for my 08 Acadia SLT2. In researching what sort of roof rails and cargo container I wanted I feeling there to be not specifically a lot of detail out over there on this product and though i havent used it because that a cross country trip or anything at this point I did manage to execute a trial installation and also I want to article a couple of observations (pics come come in July after vacation). So ns did have the manufacturing facility cross rails set up then headed turn off to Sears to acquire the X-Cargo sports 20. Ns was skeptical about getting this because Im a for sure believer in you obtain what you salary for and also lets face it, this is about half the price of comparable volume containers by other brands. The plastic watch durable yet is most likely not as thick together others ive seen and doesn’t have that extra glazed complete like various other models. As soon as you open it (opens from rear) the hinges i beg your pardon are located towards front have tendency to operate individually as like I claimed the plastic is a tiny flimsy and also unless you are using two hands (one on each side) girlfriend are likely to background the one side higher than the opposite and also then lock the near hinge up while the various other remains largely closed. Opened this in higher wind also can talk the lid on this thing about as well however I wasn’t worried around it break or anything it just has actually some play in it as result of its size.My other first impressions was how huge this point actually is, massive. After ~ hoisting it up on to the cross rails that takes increase the size from the ago of my front sunroof to about 4 inches clean of the antenna in the earlier and in ~ the ago its width extends to practically the complete cross rail width. Okay so its increase there and also the next thing Im reasoning is how in the human being am ns going to reach this thing to acquire things in and also out of. The Acadia doesn’t precisely have a functional step rear bumper so you are required to open up a side door and step up from over there which offers you decent reachability but due to the fact that you always need one hand to stay placed you are limited to pretty lot one hand use. Also, if you room loading/unloading heavy stuff you are most likely going to want another person to hand off to. The other thing is installing it is more than likely going to call for a step ladder. The installation requires 4 U-Bolts and also a pair plates every U-Bolt and also the screws, basic enough. As soon as you guideline the container over and also look in ~ the installation feet you notification about 6-8 feet at every corner. Due to the fact that each U-Bolt requires two holes, i guess friend have about 3-4 options. If girlfriend opt to have actually your overcome rails as far apart as possible like ns did then your measurement is about 31.625" on center for this installation. I moved my front overcome rail as much up as possible then the rear one stated distance from there. This should give you the best accessibility from the side doors and also clear the antenna by numerous inches.After that and centering the container to download I immediately became worried around the truth that the ago of the container extends come the capped components of the rails in ~ the ends. I wasn’t certain if the U-Bolts were long enough to expand the threads v the plates and have enough available threads for the screws come grab onto within the container. Turns out lock long sufficient so no worries there. Therefore installation was easy however again, step ladder to be necessary and also if you are going somewhere wherein one no be accessible at your location I would be hesitant to take it this off and also attempt to reinstall before heading home. Could be a headache. My family and I are heading cross nation in July for a week and thought perhaps when we came down on our condo I would certainly take this point off so ns didn’t need to drive around all week v it up there empty but Im reconsidering and also thinking Ill simply leave it increase there. Hopefully ns wont be going into any kind of low clearance parking garages or anything.So im happy so much with this thing, quiet withholding last judgement till I actually use it yet it seems prefer a an excellent value and also will definitely cost-free up a the majority of room in the car. As far as the quality I think it will be just fine. For me i am only going to be making use of this thing a pair times a year so it doesn’t have to take a weekly beating that it comes on and off the roof or gift manhandled with loading/unloading. I just need miscellaneous to free up some an are for longer family members excursions and nothing fancy.

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I did wish it was less complicated to reach yet that has nothing to do with the container itself. If anyone else has any kind of observations or pics id love to hear and see them!