Similar words:axis,y axis,z-axis,y-axis,praxis,taxi stand,epistaxis,major axis.Meaning:n. The horizontal axis in a aircraft coordinate system.

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4. The x-axis the the couch represents Maassen"s brain waves in hertz, when the y-axis mirrors the amount of alpha task as a percentage, and also the z-axis is the time in milliseconds.
6. In figure 7,(charline-picon.com/x-axis.html) the x-axis to represent the number of objects per transaction.
7. In the table below, the token ~ above the X-axis have the right to follow the token ~ above the Y-axis if your meeting place is significant with one X.
8. The x-axis mirrors the number of broadband subscribers every 100 inhabitants; the y-axis shows speeds in megabits per second.
9. The X-axis is time, the left Y-axis is solution time in seconds, and the best Y-axis is the number of user connections.
10. So, as you do with the x-axis in the Cartesian plane, you think about a certain cell to it is in the origin.
13. And we"ve viewed that once I published test and I printed x-axis, lock look the same, they space the same. And in fact, I deserve to do this interesting thing now.
14. The variety of users starts at some base value raising along the x-axis wherein the load levels space doubled, tripled, etc. On approximately 6x the original number of users.
15. The record analyzes the relationship of suggest excursion in x-axis and y-axis on various status and also designs equidistant plot algorithm of train flow lines.
16. Execute a multidimensional questions on a cube in the workbench to display company names together labels of X-axis and also Y-axis.
17. Much longer the cutting of years, the partnership of types diversity and aboveground biomass is an ext linear trend parallel come the X-axis.
20. Making use of 1:2 speak the plot command to usage the an initial column together the x-axis and the second as the y axis.
21. In Java 3D, areas are defined by making use of x, y, z coordinates. Increasing works with go follow me the x-axis come the right, follow me the y-axis upwards, and also along the z-axis the end of the screen.
22. Let us deal with this by adjusting the tic marks on the x-axis come make called (major) marks only at 90 degree increments and also minor marks at 45 level increments.
23. The simplest of all, probably, is to just go first along the x-axis to and also then walk up parallel come the y-axis.
24. The highest possible probability currently is going come be follow me the x-axis, therefore that way we"re walk to have a positive wave role every ar where x is positive.

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