As us all know, there are some cheat for wolf Quest. Ns have gained a couple of and I would certainly love to show you some! I will certainly add an ext cheats in the future, yet here are some now!1. Unlimited Experience Glitch.

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What is it?Raising your experience points by the THOUSANDS!How do you carry out it?Here"s what friend do:Fight a wolf until submission. Climate right prior to it leaves,open the menu and go to pack stats.Your points will prevent rising once you leave pack stats screen.But BECAREFUL! I haven"t tried the before, however I heard if you gain over 10,000 and your computer is an ext then 3 year old,(Since you obtained it) your game will crash! If your not sure, then just don"t let it hit that amount! You have the right to still perform the glitch though, however be careful!How perform you remove it?I"m not so sure. Until I discovered out, try reloading.....2. Death a be afflicted with glitch.What is it?This is where you death a bear.How do you do it?Find a bear. Test it when by biting it. If the does not attack or run, you"ve found the right bear. Save biting it, it will not assault you, just calmly sniff the air approximately it. As soon as you kill it, the bear will not drop dead. It"ll simply keep sniffing the air.How execute you get rid of it?Just don"t attack the be affected by each other in the first place...duh.3.Frozen to run coyote glitch.What is it?It states it every in the title.How perform you execute it?Sometimes coyotes will certainly run far from you, but...they won"t seem to be gaining anywhere. If friend run into them, they will certainly slide across the map, yet eventully snap back to wherein they began off with.(Ps, this isn"t really a glitch, but its so cool!)How to remove it?Kill the coyote.4.The slide marking glitch.What is it?Where your wolf walks around, however it"s feet or hand aren"t moving.How carry out you perform it?Go and find a stranger wolf. While talk to it, push "p". The other wolf will certainly dissaper, and also then when you try to go around, girlfriend slide rather of walking!How to get rid of it?Save and also reload, or reload the game.5. Slide relocate glitch.What is it?Its whereby your go in one action, however the only 2 actions room howl, and bow.

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How execute you do it?Press H+X in ~ the very same time for howl, and K+X for bow!How to remove it?Wait because that the howling or bowing to finish.Thats all everyone! expect these job!