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Internet Premium : 18.5%See special Terms for extr feesThis auction company offers a 3.5% discount come the net Premium as soon as paying through cash or check. Please see Payment Instructions below for much more information.">Cash Payment Discount:3.5% Location: Virginia Beach, VA
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items Description: translate descriptionA pretty commemorative Winchester design 94 "Legendary Lawman" 30-30 Lever-Action Rifle in near new condition with an excellent bore. Comes with initial box, tag and paperwork. See Lot 118 for two boxes that "Legendary Lawman" ammunition.
PLEASE READ: This auction firm has requested and also been granted access to watch all bids inserted including any kind of maximum pre-bids. This auction is permitted to communicate in this activity by giving this clear disclosure to you, the bidder.
Internet Premium : 18.5%This auction firm offers a 3.5% discount to the web Premium as soon as paying by cash or check. Please watch Payment Instructions listed below for an ext information.">Cash Payment Discount:3.5% joining Requirements: Valid credit Card compelled for bidding approvalPayment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check, and also Money OrderVisaMasterCardDiscoverPayment Instructions: To it is in an authorized bidder at this auction girlfriend must have a valid credit card top top file. Your credit transaction card on document will it is in charged instantly following the auction because that the full amount the the to win hammer price, to add premiums. Sales taxes will be charged if you are a residents of Virginia or you pick up your items in ~ the auction center. Shipping will be fee after item(s) room boxed & prepared to ship. If your credit transaction card is refuse there will be a $30.00 charge. Virginia bidders are charged a sales taxation of 6%. ** credit Card only for payments. PLEASE contact THE AUCTION facility WITH any kind of QUESTIONS prior to BIDDING ON any ITEM. THERE will certainly BE NO REFUNDS. CASH DISCOUNT choice ONLY good IF ITEMS paid WITHIN 48 HOURS!Currency Type: USDShipping Instructions: The shipping charges are the duty of the bidder. The shipping company will vary relying on the items purchased one of two people UPS or the United states Postal organization will be used. The expense of shipping will certainly be according to UPS or USPS charges to add the shipper"s packing and also handling fee. Shipping is charged independently to the credit transaction card ~ above file. If friend would prefer your item shipped without insurance please call the auction agency immediately complying with the auction by E-Mail. Shipping for big items are exclusively the duty of the win bidder. Every such sales are final and also may be choose up in person at the auction house. PLEASE contact THE AUCTION facility (Ask because that Linda) WITH any kind of SHIPPING QUESTIONS prior to BIDDING ON any type of ITEM. THERE will certainly BE NO REFUNDS.Preview day & Times: Wednesday through Saturday Noon it spins 7:00 PMCheckout day & Times: Wednesday-Saturday Noon to 7:00 PMLocation: 1329 Harpers Rd #102, Virginia Beach, VA 23454Driving Directions: From federal government 64, take it Interstate 264 towards Virginia Beach, VA. Once in Virginia Beach, take the South very first Colonial Rd exit. Very first Colonial becomes Oceana Blvd ~ a 1/4 mile, remain on Oceana for 3 mile till you happen NAS Oceana"s key gate (Tomcat Blvd). At the following stop light, turn right onto Harpers Rd, walk 100 fet and then rotate left into the Harpers Road business Park - the auction house is situated on the ago left.
NO warranty of quality, condition, merchantability, or fitness because that intended use is given. All information had within buyer"s directory is true and correct come the best of our ability, yet is in no method or circumstance guaranteed expressed or implied. All items sold "AS IS whereby IS", all descriptions detailed are because that informational objectives only and also should no be taken as creating any type of representation or warranty. All merchandise is either new, used, consigned and also SALES space FINAL!! NO returns OR fee BACKS ALLOWED! Returns and also chargebacks will an outcome in a black color FLAG with charline-picon.com.Winning bidders will certainly be charged an 18.5% net buyers premium plus any type of shipping charges. The shipping charges are the responsibility of the to win bidder (see shipping accuse & terms). Before bidding - inspect with her state to see if the guns & magazines are legal to buy! countless states like brand-new York, Connecticut and also Colorado have actually passed new laws - don"t bid if you can"t own the items! If you perform - over there is no refund, we will certainly run the items again through you together the consignor!The price of shipping will certainly be follow to UPS or USPS charges plus shipper"s pack fees. Echoes of Glory fees no FFL carry fee or add to a taking care of fee. Shipping is charged individually to the credit transaction card top top file.If you would favor your items to be shipped there is no insurance please call the auction firm by E-Mail adhering to the auction. Also note insurance allowance charges room the responsibility of the winning bidder.Items will certainly be shipped within one mainly after the payment and/or FFL received.Fax (757)425-1818Mail To:Classic Firearms1329 Harpers Rd #102Virginia Beach, VA 23454Please carry out not speak to the auction facility the job of the auction. If girlfriend have any problems contact charline-picon.com customer organization at 1-877-505-7770 or if girlfriend are outside of the united States call 402-505-7770.Note: items purchased virtual will no be obtainable on the day of the auction.
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