Wisconsin Emissions experimentation FAQs

Posted on September 08, 2020
you may currently know that motor vehicles space a significant contributor of waiting pollutants. Yet did you additionally know that Southeastern Wisconsin has ground-level pollution amounts that exceed federal air quality standards? regular Emissions trial and error helps target this problem and work towards reducing ours vehicles’ impact on the environment.

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Today we’re going to unpack the height 7 need-to-know questions and answers about emissions testing in Wisconsin. Buckle up since here us go…!

#1. Do I need an Emissions test in Wisconsin?

Answer: That counts on whereby you store your vehicle. If your car is preserved in the following counties, that is topic to emissions testing in order come renew her vehicle’s registration:


#2. Deserve to you pass a Wisconsin emissions Test v a examine Engine light on?

Answer: No. The check engine light was specifically created to alert your car care team to emissions issues.

If your examine engine light is on – whether you space due because that an emissions check or no – stop by WJ Kuhn therefore that us can get your car in safe, low-pollutant functioning order ASAP!

#3. Where can I obtain an Emissions Test?

Answer: Currently, there are about 200 locations in south east Wisconsin the you can acquire an emissions check at. In fact, your favorite auto care facility, WJ Kuhn, is a certified Emissions experimentation center. Our Emissions trial and error is excellent on a first-come, first serve basis Monday with Friday from 7:30 to be – NOON and also from 12:30 afternoon – 4:00 PM. Examine our emissions web page for the many up-to-date schedule.

If you’re not in the Oak Creek or Franklin area, inspect out this connect to uncover a certified emissions testing facility close to you.

#4. How often are Tests compelled in WI?

Answer: depending upon the age of the vehicle, tests are required biannually in Wisconsin in order to renew your vehicle’s registration. You will certainly be reminded of this at the exact same time as you obtain the an alert to renew your automobile registration. In addition to the biannual requirement, vehicles much more than 5 years old will certainly be forced to pass an Emissions check upon change of ownership.

#5. Exactly how much walk an emission test cost in Wisconsin?

Answer: They room FREE!

#6. What happens if your vehicle doesn’t pass?

Answer: If girlfriend fail the Emissions Test, you will certainly be required to have actually the problem repaired. This may cause a delay in your automobile registration. At the time of your failed test, your inspector will be able to explain the repair and also retest process.

To learn more about this, inspect out our blog around what happens as soon as your automobile doesn’t happen emissions.

If you’re trying to find a reputable ar to get those repair done, WJ Kuhn has actually a proven track record of successful emission repairs. Schedule her appointment today.

#7. Will I fail my Emissions check if mine TPMS light, ABS light or maintain Light is On?

Answer: No. Surprisingly, this is a concern that is asked really often. The TPMS light, ABS irradiate nor maintenance Light execute not have anything to perform with your emissions.

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Your Emissions experimentation Center and More

We know that any kind the test have the right to feel overwhelming, also if it’s just on her car. It is why we carry out all we deserve to to make emissions testing a rapid and straightforward process. If you have actually any more questions (about Emissions trial and error or anything else car-related) that didn’t gain answered here, call us for more information today.