While most human being will agree that it’s smart to drink any kind of kind the alcohol in moderation, there room some moments once taking a shoot after shot of vodka is too an excellent to pass up. So, you heat up a row of shot glasses and pour in the crystal clear spirit recognized as vodka. However just how countless of those tiny glasses space going to make you tipsy? How numerous can friend drink prior to driving i do not care impossible?

We acquired you covered.

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Can Vodka do You Tipsy?

Oh, it definitely can. Beer, tequila, vodka—anything that has actually alcohol in it can get you drunk given enough time. Vodka has an typical alcohol through volume (ABV) the 35% come 95%, depending on how it to be brewed and the other ingredients it may contain. Vodka has actually a much greater ABV contrasted to beer and gin, as well.

If you begin taking shots of premium vodka, the potential of emotion tipsy rapidly is there. Even a solitary shot the vodka is sometimes enough alcohol come make world feel intoxicated.

In various other words, if you looking to acquire drunk fast, vodka could be the ideal spirit for you.

Factors affecting Vodka Intake at One Time

As with any alcohol, there space factors affiliated with exactly how much you have the right to consume in a single sitting. Those components are dependent on the person, and so the lot of alcohol you have the right to tolerate can be various from her friends and family.



Because women typically are physically smaller sized than men and have greater quantities of human body fat (which alcohol can not dissolve into), the lot of alcohol they can tolerate before getting drunk is less. Also, women have actually less alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) than men. ADH is an enzyme in the stomach and liver that is created breaking down alcohol.


The an ext you weigh, the an ext you will have the ability to drink. Again, this varies from separation, personal, instance to individual, yet in many cases, the much less you weigh, the much more affected you room by alcohol.


Surprisingly, if you are having a good time and also much much less anxious around drinking, you space going to be able to tolerate much an ext than normal. This is partly because of alcohol lowering inhibitions and also putting civilization in a far better mood, especially when they’re currently having fun.

Other Drinks and also Chasers

If you are pairing your shots the vodka with various other drinks and also food, that will assist you remain sober because that longer. Fruit juices, olives, lemon, peanuts, crackers, and also other points that are frequently paired with alcohol all assist slow absorption. Also, if you begin taking shots of vodka ~ above an empty stomach, you’ll find yourself feeling much much more tipsy than if girlfriend had eaten prior to drinking.

How numerous Shots of Vodka to gain Drunk?

With those contributing determinants in mind, let’s look at how much vodka you deserve to drink at one time before coming to be inebriated:


For women, 2-3 shots that vodka space within the reasonable range. You do not do it feel as well intoxicated, but you will be emotion it, feel me? after 5-6 shots the vodka, you’ll be drunk. For most women, 6 shots that vodka is the limit. If you walk on come drink 7 or 8, you risk blacking out, throwing up, and also waking up the next morning through a wicked hangover.


For men, alcohol yongin is generally higher, meaning that 3 shots of vodka should have actually very tiny effect. Roughly 7-9 shots, a guy will start feeling the effects of inebriation. The upper limit for males is approximately 10-11 shots the vodka. Go past that, and you will be severely drunk.

There are impressive cases, however, wherein some people (read: Russians) have the right to drink approximately 0.5 liters that vodka and feel sober.

Do keep in mind that these numbers only use if you room consuming vodka with 40% alcohol through volume within a 2-3 hour time frame. Every shot glass must be approximately 30ml.

If you room drinking more slowly, are eating food, and also taking smaller shots, it will take longer to gain drunk, and you will finish up consuming much more vodka. Vice versa, if you’re acquisition bigger shots much more quickly, you will need much less vodka to get drunk.

Is drinking Vodka Every Day poor For You?

How much vodka is too much vodka, you ask? One serving of vodka is 1 oz, which typically contains about 40% alcohol (80 proof). If you drank several shots of vodka every solitary day for a week, friend would endure from deteriorating health. Now, imagine drinking a pint of vodka in one sitting. A pint is equal to 473 ml or about 10 vodka shots. The amount is around 5 times above the everyday recommended quantity of alcohol.

So, if you plan on drinking number of shots of vodka in one day, you might want come steer clean of it for a tiny while and also let your body recover.

List of renowned Vodka Brands and ABV

Want to know where her favorite brand that vodka stands through alcohol by volume? check out the list below.

Smirnoff: created by Diageo, the world’s leading spirit and also wine company. Smirnoff commonly contains 37.5% ABV.Svedka: make in Sweden, Svedka is distilled 5 times v wheat and is 40% ABV.Belvedere: A polishing vodka that supplies rye to do the alcohol. Belvedere consists of 40% ABV.Absolut: developed by Pernod Richard and contains roughly 40% ABV (80 proof).Ketel One: developed by Nolet Distillery native the Netherlands, Ketel One competes through Absolut with a 40% ABV.Tito’s: Gluten-free Tito’s is make in Austin, Texas. The alcohol by volume is 40%.Grey Goose: Distilled through Bacardi in France, Grey Goose is taken into consideration high-end vodka. That is 40% alcohol by volume.Finlandia: make in a Finnish village and distributed by Altia Corporation, Finlandia is another 80 evidence (40% ABV) vodka.Zubrowka: A unique vodka that supplies grasses indigenous Poland’s Bialowieza forest. Zubrowka additionally tastes of almond, coconut, and also vanilla and has 40% ABV.Stolichnaya: The famed Russian vodka the comes in a slew of flavors. Stoli has about 40% ABV.Khortytsa: from Ukraine’s famed Khortytsa Distillery, this vodka has actually 40% alcohol by volume.

And guess what? over there is low-alcohol vodka too. Brands prefer KEEL Vodka (23.8% ABV) and Petrov Fermented Vodka (20% ABV) space redefining the people of vodka. If you want to enjoy much more vodka without acquiring so drunk girlfriend can’t see straight, a low-alcohol range might be ideal for you.


Though that depends mainly on her size, gender, and also how you space drinking those shots, women have the right to consume about 5-6 shots and feel drunk. Men have the right to drink as much as 10 shots the vodka prior to getting drunk.

But remember, it is ideal to drink in moderation, therefore you have the right to keep the party going fairly than gaining so noble you finish up with the toilet all night.

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