The evil Witch that the West and one of her flying monkeys! This was a privately commissioned painting, but I do have the prints available. I’ve constantly loved the wizard of Oz stories, and was happy to have actually the chance to do this painting! Definitely more “cute” than “scary!” You might recognize mine Wizard of Oz paints from mine merchandise present of dolls and statues v the Bradford Exchange & Hamilton Collection. My own original acrylic painting.

Limited version Canvas Prints are offered OUT. However, we have now exit the open up Edition Remarqued Canvas Prints – they space truly the next best thing. They are the exact same high top quality canvases extended on board & prepared to hang, but are open edition. This way that they room not numbered, not dated, no signed by Jasmine, no embellished through Jasmine in paint. Castle are however remarqued v metallic octopus on the front through the official JBG seal/remarque (as displayed in the photo), and also come through a Certificate that Authenticty signed through Jasmine herself.

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The open up edition canvases space shaped a bit in different way than the sold-out minimal Editions, they room 8″x10″ and also are on more thick stretcher boards, so they are a little bit deeper. Open Edition Canvases delivery from our Kansas location.

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