I have a level 21 Tranquill I got from surprised trading. It has actually stopped listening come me, i beg your pardon is a shame because I really favored using it. I understand in previous gamings you needed a details amount of badges to have actually pokemon of higher levels obey you, but I obtained this calm at lvl.7 together a Pidove and have been utilizing it sense. Wouldn't it it is in fine? any type of advice is much appreciated, thanks!!


You can check in your league card. It tells you the greatest Pokemon level you deserve to catch and also the highest possible level Pokemon have the right to be before they start disobeying.

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Thanks because that this my boy is fine pleased. I didn’t understand his frustration. I’m afraid i’m a last fantasy Vll relic.

I have actually a square glowing Coalossal, and also it'ss level 81. On my organization Card it says All Pokemon will obey this Trainer, however only 30% of the moment it will certainly listen come me throughout battle. Anyone know whats walk on?

I have actually the same trouble with my continual Coalossal! that is constantly saying it i do not know use certain moves in raids and then I miss my turn! It states on my league card that all pokemon will certainly obey yet I bloody doesnt!


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Source: Vargskeletor Joel Stream as soon as he got secret traded a 60 lv ralts

You have to keep the lv that traded punctured within your cap to make it listen

Ok this is interesting for me. Some dude top top Facebook said that he gained his Scorbunny to level 45 in its final evolution prior to he went to the very first gym, and it tho obeyed him. But now I watch this write-up mentioning a tranquil that doesn't obey, however it's level 21. So to be that guy lying for fun, or does disobedience only take place for traded pokémon? This is a legit question because I don't very own Sword or Shield

Your Starter Pokémon will always obey you, nevertheless of Disobedience levels. Ns hace a level 71 Cinderace and also my disobedience cap is 30.

I obtained a level 70 Gigantimax Corviknight in trade however I only have actually 5 gym badges. Mine card now says Pokemon of as much as level 70 will certainly listen. Is this normal? It to be a random link trade. Additionally when i look at my Dex entry just the continuous Corviknight reflects not the Gigantimax even though this one has actually the Gigantimax symbol. Perform I need to actually battle and also catch that in a Gigantimax raid come unlock the second one in that Dex entry? thanks


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