because that the copper chloride graph, attract the two best-fit directly lines with the data points and also determine their suggest of intersection.

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Cu:PO4 stoichiometric proportion = 3:2Balanced Equation = 3CuCl2 + 2Na3PO4 Cu3(PO4)2 + 6NaCl

For the steel nitrate graph, attract the best-fit line through the ascending data, and a smooth curve through the descending data. Determine their intersection point. Indigenous the allude of intersection, recognize the stoichiometric mole proportion for each reaction. Create out the correct balanced equation because that each reaction.

Fe:OH stoichiometric proportion = 2:5Balanced equation = 2Fe(NO3)3 + 3OH Fe2O3 + 3H(NO3)

Explain how this method allows girlfriend to discover the mole ratio of reactants.

This method allows girlfriend to find the mole ratio of the reactants due to the fact that by graphing the amount of precipitate vs. Volume that reactant #1 mirrors you where you had actually the optimum lot of precipitate do when maintaining a secure volume that the reactants.

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Why have to you save a constant volume that reactants?

You need to keep a constant volume the the reactants due to the fact that you require to recognize which mole proportion of the reactants created the most precipitate end a constant volume the the various solutions.

Is it essential that the concentration of the two options be the same?

Yes, it is vital that the concentration of the two solutions have to be the exact same so the ratio of H2O come the Reactant continues to be the same and also doesn’t impact your data through having different ratios the H2O.

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What is supposed by the term limiting reagent?

The ax limiting reagent way the reactant the ran out an initial in the reaction.

Which reactant is the limiting reagent along the upward sloping heat of her graph? i beg your pardon is the limiting reagent follow me the bottom sloping line?

The limiting reagents along the increase sloping currently of my graphs would be Fe(NO3)3 and CuCl2 because they are what ran out very first because over there is much less of lock of the totality solution before the top of the graph. OH and also Na3PO4 space the limiting reagents follow me the bottom sloping lines because there is much less of them of the entirety solution after ~ the peak on the graphs.

Why is it an ext accurate to use the suggest of intersection of the two lines to uncover the mole ratio fairly than the ratio associated with the best volume of precipitate?

It is an ext accurate to use the suggest of intersection that the two lines to discover the mole ratio rather than the ratio associated with the biggest volume of precipitate because in her lab you may not have actually tried the ideal mole ratio however intersecting the lines would certainly tell friend what it would be.


This labs function was to determine the stoichiometry that Fe(NO3)3+ NaOH and CuCl2 + Na3PO4. We did this through pouring various mole ratios of every reactant come reactant in 7 different graduated cylinders all consisting of the very same volume. Then us measured the volume that precipitate of every cylinder and graphed volume the reactant #1 vs. Volume the precipitate for each reaction. In ours graphs it showed us the climbing up to a optimal the going back down. I, then attracted the heat of ideal fit threw the ascending data and also descending data, and also were the currently intersect would be ours optimum ratio.

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For these details reactions our max suggest was our optimum mole ratios, If we did not mix the max proportion it wouldn’t be on ours graph so the is why I supplied lines of ideal fit since it would display you were her optimum mole ratio would be. In my Fe(NO3)3 + NaOH graph/data the shows another jump back up indigenous cylinder 6 to cylinder 7 i beg your pardon does no make sense the diminish data have to not jump earlier up. Some possible sources of error that can have brought about this could be someone acquiring cylinders 6 and also 7 combined up or not measuring the right amounts of solutions to be combined together. After ~ doing every this i was maybe to determine the well balanced equations 2Fe(NO3)3 + 3OH Fe2O3 + 3H(NO3) and also 3CuCl2 + 2Na3PO4 Cu3(PO4)2 + 6NaCl.

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