Do you have actually tried tattoo yourself? If yes, girlfriend may obtain the trouble that the tattoo maker doesn’t occupational after you set it up perfectly. Girlfriend may additionally be tired to send videos and also images come the seller. However, if you know just how to resolve a tattoo machine, the tattoo kit will certainly work. A “broken” tattoo machine is the key reason that tattoo kit can not work.

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Before learning exactly how to fix a tattoo machine, girlfriend must understand the name of coil tattoo device accessories.


How to deal with it once your tattoo device not working?

Check and adjust your tattoo machine as I stated below.

Scene I, contact screw no touch the armature bar, therefore the an equipment has no power. Together a result, the tattoo device never works.


contact screw does not contact spring

Solution: change the contact screw. And make it touch the armature bar. But how to make it?

Step 1, usage an Allen an essential (there space 3 Allen keys in every tattoo gun kit) to ease the screw (let me speak to it B) that the binding post, action 2, change the contact screw location, and make it touch armature bar together the picture shows. Step 3, tighten the 2 screws ( both A and also B).


Scene 2, my contact screw touch the armature bar, but the tattoo an equipment still does no work.


when pressing the armature bar, call screw still touches spring, climate tattoo device won’t work-related properly

Solution: action 1, please push the armature bar, if the contact screw still touches the armature bar, it way you didn’t adjust the contact screw properly.

Step 2, Unscrew the 2 screws ( both A and also B), readjust the contact screw again, and also don’t tighten the screws completely, just adjust it slowly and patiently. Step 3, push the armature bar again, if the room between the contact screw and also spring is 2mm (like the photo shows), then congratulation, you make it finally. If an are is much less or much more than 2mm, you need to adjust contact screw again.


Image 2: as soon as pressing the armature bar, the space between contact screw and spring is 2mm, which means tattoo an equipment is readjusted correctly

Scene3, my tattoo an equipment works a while, but there is a spark. Or my tattoo device just functions for a while, then stops working.

Solution: The tattoo device produces sparks or simply works for 2 or three seconds, it’s since the call screw gives too much pressure to the armature bar, therefore resistance increases and also the wear also increases, which results in sparks and also stopping working. Also, you re welcome readjust the contact screw, unscrew the contact screw a little bit. However please protect against using a tattoo machine if that is spring has actually heavy dents.


I’m sure I set up mine tattoo kit perfectly, yet it still never ever works. What have to I do?

If friend make sure you have fixed your tattoo maker properly, climate you have the right to contact and also send a video clip to the seller. All tattoo makers from wormhole tattoo come through a warranty. Generally speaking, if the led light or led screen of the tattoo strength supply is on, it indicates that the power supply works properly. It cannot be far better if you have actually a brand-new tattoo strength supply, tattoo clip cord, or foot pedal, which can aid you number out what items are broken.

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Let’s do a conclusion, make sure your call screw is 2mm far away from the armature bar when you press it down. Like photo 2 shows. If the tattoo device still not working after addressing it, please contact the seller.