Manchester, NH is called the Queen City. Historically this nickname is reserved for the biggest city, the is not the capitol, in any kind of given state. We room lucky that right here in Manchester we have this distinction. This city is a great place to contact home for countless reasons.

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Here room our optimal 8 factors to live in downtown Manchester, the biggest city in new Hampshire.


Location - heart of Manchester

Geographically, Manchester is quite close to being in the center of ours state. Major highways space everywhere! Interstates 93, 293 and Route 101 all run with the city. The is basic to access any that them native downtown. When you room this nearby to an excellent roads, traveling everywhere is easy. Manchester dwellers are just 45 minutes to Boston, the NH hills or the NH seacoast. Over there is always something amazing to do in those locations.


Entertainment in Downtown Manchester

If concerts, music jam sessions, live comedy or cultural events are your thing, then Manchester will not disappoint. The SNHU Arena is an remarkable venue that deserve to seat upwards that 10,000 guests. This is the place where countless big-name entertainers come to shot out their brand-new shows. Think Cher, Maroon 5, Jonas Brothers and also Matchbox 20 to surname a few. This venue is likewise home to hockey in Manchester, the Monster Jam automobile show and many expositions. The Rex Theatre and also the palace Theatre space venues for live performances. The palace has been in operation because that over 100 years and hosts plenty of NY quality shows. The Rex Theatre is the newest venue for music in the city. It will certainly be opening in the autumn of 2019. V over 400 seat this will certainly be a an excellent performance center for live music, films and also choral events. The Dana center at St Anslem’s College has actually a performing arts calendar the brings many internationally well-known entertainers to the city. Live comedy shows appear at plenty of smaller clubs in town. The Doubletree Hotel hosts numerous each year. The city has actually several museums. Of note are the Currier art Museum, the SEE science Center, the credit Union Museum and the Manchester Historical facility Museum. All have revolving and permanent exhibits the cater to countless interests.


Nightlife in Downtown Manchester

If clubbing and bar hopping are of interest to you, climate Manchester will certainly not disappoint. We can say that Manchester has actually plenty that nightlife clubs. Part are private Social Clubs however the vast majority are public. Shot the “prohibition format club” called 815. You will require a secret password to obtain in here. Don’t worry, it’s simple to uncover on their on facebook page. As soon as inside, you will certainly love the signature cocktails and the cozy atmosphere. There are plenty of bars on the key street (Elm Street) that are in nearby proximity to each other. It renders for a fun night that “bar hopping.” take an Uber home. Manchester is a college town. There space 11 colleges in town representing end 11,000 students. This makes for a lively and fun environment in the city.


Housing options in Downtown Manchester

Manchester is a city that has actually a selection of housing options. Looking come buy a long-term home?There space many options in lots of neighborhoods. There space plentyof apartment communities obtainable if you space not sure where come buy a house. Red Oak has over 1,800 apartments ranging from entrance level apartments to deluxe penthouse styles. Why not try the luxury apartmentsat 875 Elm Streetor the historic Opera Block Apartments that are both in downtown? picking a downtown neighborhood in Manchester is no hard. Sure, there are some places that space a tiny bit “tougher” 보다 others but if you save to you yourself you will certainly be fine. This is a great city to speak to home. Contact Red Oak for more information or a tour.


Healthcare and also Hospitals in Manchester

Manchester has twohospitals that are leaders in offering exceptional wellness services in the state. Catholic Medical center is well-known for its cardiac care and the Norris noodle Cancer care Center. The Elliot Hospital has actually a optimal trauma center, a cancer treatment unit and also an intensive treatment center that has won awards. The hospitals are located on opposite sides of the city for this reason you space never much from great medical attention.


Jobs in Manchester NH

The economy has the ups and also downs, however NH has actually stayed strong even in tougher times. Manchester has numerous jobs available. It is top the region in high tech medical development jobs, and also start up technologies. The colleges employ a big number of individuals as well. Large employers room in the insurance and manufacturing fields. Unemployment is short in our city and pay scales average over the nationwide levels.


The see in Downtown Manchester

You space not far from beautiful parks and scenic vistas as soon as you are in Manchester. The stunning Merrimack river runs through the city. Visit arms Park to walk follow me the riverfront. The Fisher cat Ballpark is along thisRiverwalk and the see from the stadium space beautiful. The Uncannouc mountains are in neighboring Goffstown NH and also can be seen majestically hovering over the city. Over there are locations in the city for serene walks that will display off mom nature in every her glory.

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Quality the Life in Manchester

In a word that is GREAT! Manchester was named the 9thbest ar to live in the united state a couple of years ago. The crime rate is relatively low, the economic climate is booming, over there is a emphasis on bringing new technology focused businesses here and also the 11 area colleges enhancethe workforce. Public transportation is readily available, there room many civic organizations and also events hosted in the city. There is a flourishing downtown with shops, restaurants and bars. The all at once happiness factor for households is high here. It is a clean city with great access to significant highways and also the Manchester- Boston Airport. New Hampshire has no income tax or sales taxation so living below is expense effective too.