The Princeton college Glee Club, Princeton"s oldest and also most call choir, was started in 1874 through Andrew Fleming West "74, the first Dean that the Graduate College, and continues to be the premier vocal ensemble at Princeton University.

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Why is it referred to as a "Glee Club"?

The name "Glee Club" originates from 18th Century England - particularly from Harrow school (where the Glee Club"s existing director to be educated!). The term referred climate to a tiny group of guys singing parlor songs, people songs and also other ditties in nearby harmony, usually without accompaniment. The early American Glee Clubs were based upon this model yet have because exploded right into the large ensembles we now discover at countless Ivy league schools. In ~ Princeton we keep the surname "Glee Club" the end of reverence for this tradition.

Who is the Director?

Gabriel Crouch has been the director of musical and choral power at Princeton University and the director of the Princeton university Glee Club since 2010. Before his present post, Mr. Crouch to be a member the the world renowned brothers vocal ensemble, The king’s Singers. In 2005, he left the king’s Singers to accept the place as head that the choral routine at DePauw University, i beg your pardon he organized until authorized the faculty at Princeton. Mr. Crouch stop a degree from the college of Cambridge wherein he perfect a choral scholarship in ~ Trinity College.

How huge is the Glee Club?

The an accurate size of the Glee society fluctuates between 60 and 80 members. Currently, over there are approximately 70 students that are current members, and also a piano accompanist that is likewise a student.

Are all members "musicians"?

Yes, return the vast majority of Glee society singers have actually courses of study in various other departments in ~ Princeton. Ours students come to the ensemble from every backgrounds, every corners that the globe, and all academic departments top top campus.

What type of music does the Glee society sing?

The Glee society sings music ranging from the 15th come the 21st Century, from the many solemnly spiritual to the many provocatively profane, and also from the many revered choral masterworks to the Princeton fight songs of i beg your pardon we space proud to be the keepers. Highlights from the 2011-12 incorporate such choral requirements as the Faure Requiem and Vaughan Williams’ Five Mystical Songs, as well as works from modern-day composer Ola Gjeilo and also folk songs from Bulgaria, Estonia, and Romania.

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Are just undergraduates members?

No, we have actually several graduate students at this time serving in the choir. Vain for places is high though, so i m so sad we are not able come welcome neighborhood members other than on unique occasions.

Where has actually the Glee society been performing?

In addition to consistent performances top top the Princeton university campus, and annual performances at either Harvard or Yale because that a joint concert with their Glee Clubs, the Glee society tours globally on alternative years.Recent tours have actually taken the Glee club to Paris, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, and also Germany, whereby the choir has sung because that such diverse audiences as community members in Chartres Cathedral to foreign diplomats at UNESCO, all the while sharing our passion for music v audiences all roughly the world. In 2016, the Glee society toured southern Africa - read an ext about the here!

Who"s in charge?

The students and the director run the choir jointly. The student officers are every responsible for a different aspect of the Glee Club"s life, and together ensure the the Glee society is smartly dressed, fine publicized, strongly linked to that alumni and financially solvent. The director is responsible for the choir"s musical excellence, from the music and member choice to producing the superb sound our audiences love. In addition, the generosity of our audiences and alumni community keep the rich heritage of the Glee society alive!

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