The MLB has never compelled names ~ above the earlier of jerseys, therefore the Yankees never embraced the style. Various other teams, influenced by the NFL, have done so however the Yanks stay steadfast.

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Truthfully, however, there are various other reasons why the Yankees don’t have actually names on your jersey.

Some the it has to do with philosophy, and some the it has to do through money.

Why nothing The Yankees have actually Names on The earlier Of your Jerseys?


Reason #1 Tradition


Baseball uniforms no have any kind of numbers or names till the early on 1900s.

Now, you could ask, “then why go the Yankees embrace numbers?”

The reason is since the MLB compelled numbers top top the earlier of jerseys in 1931, though they never forced names.

Originally, numbers were meant to correspond v the player’s position and also it served as the only way of identify players.

In the interest of tradition, the Yanks have followed suit and have never deviated from their “no name” position.

Reason #2 Profit


Part that the reason the Yankees have actually stuck through not having actually names ~ above the ago of their jerseys is due to the fact that the Yanks use it as a way of selling score cards and also programs.

Buying a program was the only means fans might know that was top top the field and also at the ar for each game, for this reason this to be an opportune means to do a buck.

It wasn’t as capitalistic together it sounds though. Countless fans enjoyed buying the programs due to the fact that it offered as a baseball souvenir. It was certainly much more reliable to buy a regimen than hope for a foul sphere to fly into your glove!

Reason #3 Team Effort


The Yankees firmly believe that nobody player is bigger than the organization.

That way that play for the Yankees is a team effort first. An individual records and also accolades come second!

As such, as soon as you join the Yankees you’re basically giving a item of her individuality to the all at once identity of the team.

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The logo design on the prior is more important 보다 the surname on the back.

The Yankees are, historically, one of if no the best franchises in sporting activities of all time, therefore this team-first viewpoint has definitely helped them victory some hardware. 

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