It is an undeniable fact that dogs like to lick couches, sofas, and cushions. If you have this problem and are feather to discover out why it happens and how you have the right to stop her dog indigenous licking the couch, then i hope my an individual experiences listed below give girlfriend some insight into what come do.

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When her dog beginning licking the furniture, such together couches and chairs it have the right to be frustrating for a number of reasons. Firstly, is that a signal the you should concerned around your dog’s health? Secondly, upholstered furniture is expensive to buy and expensive to replace. The constant licking can damages furnishings.

Why does mine dog lick the couch? Dogs that lick couches all the time execute it due to various factors such as behavior or medical issues. That could additionally be because of tasty spills on the cushions, or there room smells from your very own body ~ above there. Bored dogs frequently lick and chew items around the house due to the fact that they are in search of stimulation. 

So it is the brief answer, however we have to break it under a little to try to ascertain why your dog is licking the couch and also sofa. Some dogs execute it after drinking water, some love the feel of suede and microfibers.

Most important it’s important to shot to number out whether it is anything health and wellness related.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why does my dog lick the couch every the time?

To prevent your dog licking the couch or otherwise biting items and also bits of furniture roughly the house, it is important that you first pin down the factor that your dog is licking your couch, cushions, sofa, or bed.

1. Her dog likes the taste

The easiest explanation is taste.

Many people will eat while sitting on the couch to clock TV. This can often an outcome in crumbs, splashes of sauce or simply leftover bits and also pieces being left lying around the on your furniture.

Does her dog choose to lick the couch after drink water choose this man does?

Dogs will naturally sniff these out and eat them, licking the quite tasting treats off of the fabric. To stop this, make sure that you clean off all of the debris indigenous eating turn off of the sofa, and training her dog to recognize that food ~ above the sofa is not allowed to be eaten.

Another taste and also smell related aspect can be your own body odors. Friend will have seen just how dogs favor to odor the crotch of certain people. Well, if you think just how long you could have satellite on your couch, and also how all those interesting smells have actually transferred come the sofa seat.

2. Her dog could be bored

As discussed above, dogs use their mouths to communicate with the world about them, and also tasting things goes hand-in-hand with that.

A dog the is anxious or bored regularly looks because that stimulation to relax their overfill energy, which is often why the end up chewing or licking couches, your personal belongings or various other pieces the furniture.

If you room finding the your dog is acting up, being more boisterous or chewing or licking things about your home, be certain to take them on lengthy walks to get rid of that excess energy that they are looking come burn off with their activities.

This can likewise be assisted by providing them a new toy or a chewable toy (see which chew toys I recommend) i m sorry can often go a long means to occupy them there is no them causing damages to your internal furnishings. There are also some fun toys I recommend the have operated really well with our very own Frenchie Claude.

Handy Hint: ns don’t recommend rawhide chews as there have the right to be a slight hazard with the bones. To find out why ns don’t recommend rawhide review this recent blog post.

3. Your dog could have a health issue

Sometimes once dogs act exterior of their normal behavior, it deserve to be a sign that they are trying to connect to you the something is wrong. Dog cannot verbally tell us that they space feeling unwell, stressed or even in pain, for this reason they offer us ideas through your physical behavior.

Is her dog licking the couch a new behavior?

If her dog is ever before acting out of the ordinary or you have noticed things prefer licking or nibbling have gained steadily worse because that no apparent reason, the is finest to visit a vet for a medical opinion. Couch licking and also chewing the suddenly start up have the right to be a sign of a underlying wellness issue.

Handy Hint: together French Bulldog owners you have to be aware of the multitude the health difficulties this breed can suffer with.

Excessive couch licking have the right to be a sign of plenty of different things, from tooth pain, illness in the pituitary gland to behavior issues and also anxieties from your environment. Compulsive habits often related to anxiety issues include spinning, chewing, sucking, biting and even tail chasing.

While these room all common dog behaviors, they can come to be a coping system that is come the detriment and also disruption the your day-to-day life. This will regularly be taken into consideration a compulsion and also measures deserve to be required to relieve or train them out of it. 

4. Your dog has a poor habit

Sometimes over there is no tension or compulsive cause behind the issue, and also it is simply down to a negative habit. Probably they licked the couch once, took pleasure in the sensation and also now proceed to carry out it.

This deserve to be a sign of farming anxiety, similar to and also can even lead come compulsive behaviors, so that is best to nip that in the bud as soon as possible.

While simply training lock to recognize that licking the couch is not enabled can bring about them not having actually anything to relieve that stress and anxiety on, that is ideal to likewise give lock something rather (such together a brand-new toy) to accounting themselves licking or biting instead.

Also, inspect for factors why castle have started to have excess worry, including alters to their environment or various other things that may be resulting in them an ext anxiety.

Why does mine dog lick mine suede couch? The feeling of suede can be fairly comforting to an concerned dog. Suede will have actually a certain taste and also smell come that might prove irresistible to her dog’s senses.Why does my dog lick my microfiber couch? Just favor suede, microfiber additionally has a structure to it the is an extremely appealing. Just like the remainder of the advice here, the could likewise be because of a compulsive disorder. 

How do I stop my dog indigenous licking the couch or sofa?

While over there is a institution of assumed that aggression in the direction of your dog allows them watch you as the grasp in order come behave, fear and also physical punishment are actually far much more likely to reason your dog stress and anxiety than actually training them.

If your dog licks the couch all the time, scolding them most likely won’t help.

This can regularly do the opposite of what girlfriend intend, through their behavior getting worse due to the fact that of their confusion or unhappiness. Instead, hopeful reinforcement maintain is a far much better and more effective solution to training your dog the end of an adverse behavior.

1. Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement training is completed by rewarding your dog for good behavior, rather than punishing castle for bad ones. Using a clicker and also treats enable them to find out that bad behavior walk not get them rewarded, either v treats or praise, while great behavior does.

This deserve to be provided for countless different issues, including chasing, barking, picking things up, thefts food, going come the restroom inside and also even stopping them native licking your couch.

Over time, the rewarded habits will become 2nd nature to them, and also their unrewarded negative behavior will be unlearned and fade right into the background.

2. Bitterness tasting sprays

Another method that some dog owner use once their dog is licking their suede or microfiber couch is to use a spray v a taste the they don’t like.

The spray you deserve to buy is a bitterness lemon spray. It is an alleged to taste supervisor nasty come dogs, so might be worth providing a shot. I discovered a product ~ above Amazon that has reasonably good reviews.

3. Provide them many of exercise

I referred to this earlier, and sometimes it deserve to be the most basic thing that works; much more exercise.

A bored dog or one through excess energy will act the end to provide itself much more mental stimulation. This deserve to manifest itself by couch licking, so get them the end of the house and running around much more than normal.

Related questions

I’ve not touched much on the health concerns that have the right to mean your dog licks the couch every the time, and also there’s a an excellent reason for doing so; i am no a vet.

However, I have actually read multiple virtual journals written by vets to shot to far better understand why dogs favor to lick couches and also have placed some readable notes together below.

I hope this helps.

Why is mine dog continually licking himself?

As mentioned above, there space multiple factors your dog is licking something; however, if you have noticed the they are licking far much more than what is typical for them climate it is important that girlfriend know specifically why it is so girlfriend can aid them.

If her dog is not simply licking her couch and also furniture, yet is also excessively licking themselves, climate it have the right to be a sign that her dog is enduring from allergies.

Allergies are one of the most usual reasons because that dogs licking themselves and is often seen in the extreme licking and chewing in between their toes, your hindlegs and their within thighs.

Dog allergies deserve to often result from the accumulation of dust or pollens, and flea bites and also even specific dog foods, and also can also be seen with symptoms such together crusting skin, transforms to skin colour or wounds or pimples showing up under your coat. Below are some usual skin difficulties that dogs experience with.

If you think your dog may have actually an allergy issue, you re welcome consult through your vet because that a ideal medical diagnosis.

What medical problem could the be?

The danger with looking up symptoms and issues digital is the you will certainly enviably run into the conclusion the you or her pet has actually some sort of terrible condition or disorder. If this usually isn’t the case, Cushing’s an illness (read an ext on the Blue cross website) is the many common form of endocrine (gland) disorder found in dogs.

Along with hyperadrenocorticism and also OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), Cushing’s disease can it is in a reason of extreme couch licking.

Some of the symptoms of Cushing’s an illness include raised thirst and hunger, too much panting, a pot-bellied abdomen, loss of hair, thin skin (easy bruising) and muscle weakness.

The an illness is usually resulted in by a bright tumour in the pituitary gland or adrenal gland, which can be shrunk via medicine or removed through surgery. 

Handy Hint: If friend are involved that your dog might be experiencing from Cushing’s condition or any type of other condition, please visit her vet because that a professional opinion and also medical diagnosis. 

Why is mine dog licking the air and also eating grass?

While licking the air deserve to occasionally it is in a sign of a much more serious medical issue, from pain and nausea come seizures, commonly a dog licking the air is just a natural method for lock to communicate with their environment.

Like snakes and also many other animals, dogs usage their sense of taste together an assist to smelling and sensing the world around them, an interpretation that once you watch them periodically licking the air, they space most likely simply smell something interesting.

Flehmens response

This is a natural way that many pets take in smells, including species of cats, dogs and also horses. The animal curls their top lip ago and wrinkles your nose, permitting their Jacobson (vomeronasal) body organ to effectively take in a full range of smells and chemicals indigenous the bordering area.

Before or afterwards, castle may likewise lick the area of attention to take in an ext smell or taste of what they space inspecting. This is a totally natural and also normal behavior, although it deserve to look favor they room smirking or feather disgusted in ~ something in ~ times! 

Eating grass

The actual reason because that why so plenty of dogs eat grass is tho up because that debate, with some considering the a natural an outcome of dogs being omnivores while rather speculate it to it is in a leftover instinct native undomesticated dogs.

However, everything the factor for it, dogs execute tend to eat grassm and love law it! If your dog generally eats grass, there isn’t lot to worry about (some dog apparently gain the taste); however, if her dog walk not generally eat grass and is all of sudden eating far an ext than they usually do, climate it is finest to save an eye top top it.

Grass is harmless for dogs come eat, but some carry out self-medicate v it once they are feeling nauseous or desire to throw up, so it deserve to be a authorize of intestinal discomfort.

If your dog enjoys eating grass, climate there is not much you can do to avoid them, particularly out on walks.

However, if you want to make certain they stay out of her herb garden (or if you room worried around them by chance ingesting pesticides or various other chemicals) then part owners do lug in trays the grass or part of turf right into the home for your dog come chew on.

This can help to protect against them munching on any type of precious residence plants or areas of her garden girlfriend don’t desire them near.

Handy Hint: For much more information ~ above grass chewing, check out this overview to why that happens and also measures you have the right to put in ar to protect against it. 

How carry out you settle a dog’s uncomfortable stomach?

Excessive licking of couches and eating grass have the right to both be signs that your dog is feeling unwell, and once you have a vet’s confirmation that your dog is emotion unwell you can start to look for methods of remedying it.

While occasionally your vet will prescribe your dog medicine, occasionally it is much more of a waiting game for the nausea to pass, which have the right to be distressing and also rather messy for both you and your dog.

However, there space some foodstuffs to feed your dog to aid settle your stomach:

Boneless and also skinless chicken (cooked, raw chicken have the right to contain salmonella or other bacteria).Boiled rice (cooked).Plain, unsweetened yoghurt (add one tablespoon come food. Fabricated sweeteners deserve to be poor or even toxic for her dog).Pumpkin (great herbal remedy because that diarrhea) .Oatmeal (source that fiber, good for bowel issues).Plenty that water. Choose humans, dogs have to keep hydrated when feeling unwell, so make certain they have enough water in their bowl at every times.

After the worst of the sickness has past, progressively reintroduce portions of your dogs’ normal food into their meal over the next couple of days.

Handy Hint: do not offer your dog any over-the-counter pain or nausea medication uneven okayed or prescribed by her vet. Always check with your vet very first before giving your dog any type of kind of person medication, together this deserve to be harmful or also fatal to her dog. 


Is your dog’s couch licking habit is gaining out the control, either to the detriment of your inner furnishings or even their own an individual well-being? 

They are known for it and also there no any an approach guaranteed come 100% stop it; they perform it to taste, to display affection and to generally interact with the world. They nothing have any kind of hands, ~ all, so placing things in their mouth is the next best option.

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However, if ~ trying my tips over your dog is tho licking the couch every the time, you could want to think about a vet’s visit.