Many readers have the same question around Act 2 that The Crucible:why does Elizabeth want John to walk to Salem?This write-up provides both short and also long answers come this question. It should aid you to recognize the reasoning behind her request, why it transforms slightly end the course of the act, and also how it connects come the lingering stress in your marriage.

Why Is This question Tricky?

This question addresses vital but somewhat confusing facet of the plot in act 2. John and Elizabeth Proctor have actually several one-on-one conversations in this act that present the audience come the problems in their marital relationship that have developed as a an outcome of John"s affair. Elizabeth asks man to go to Salem twice, transforming her inquiry slightly once she learns extr information around the court proceedings from Mary.

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Her an initial request is propelled by an urgent issue for the others who have actually been accused, however her 2nd request is one even an ext dire plea as she realizes the she it s her is in risk from the trials. We"ll look at what the various requests are and why Elizabeths provides them from both a practical and psychological standpoint.

Short Answer

Elizabeth originally wants john to walk to Salem for this reason he can testify that Abigail told him Betty’s condition had nothing to carry out with witchcraft. When Elizabeth finds out from mar that she to be accused in court, however, she decides she wants John to speak v Abigail directly. She says he have to tell Abigail the they will never get in into a romatic connection again. Elizabeth really hopes this will certainly dissuade Abigail native making extr false accusations design to remove her from the picture.

Elizabeth"s hope is the John will be ready to collection the record straight, very first on an official level and also then on a an individual level.This is the only way he can prove his loyalty to she over Abigail.As she says, “I will be your just wife, or no mam at all!” (pg. 59) because that Elizabeth, this is about more than simply protecting herself from accusations. The symbolizes John"s put in order commitment to their marriage and the last nail in the coffin for his infatuation through Abigail.

Long Answer

Elizabeth Proctor an initial urges john Proctor to go to Salem therefore he deserve to testify the Abigail and also the various other girls room frauds.John knows this to be a fact due to the fact that when he and Abigail spoke alone in action 1, Abigail scoffed at the suggestion that Betty’s disease had noþeles to do with witchcraft.

Here’s the specific exchange between John and also Abigail (on page 20):

PROCTOR: The road past my home is a trip to Salem every morning. The town’s mumbling witchcraft.

ABIGAIL: Oh, posh! we were dancin’ in the woods last night, and my uncle leaped in top top us. She took fright, is all.

John is cynical to go into town and produce this evidence because he’s not certain he will certainly be believed. It’s his word versus Abigail"s. that says, “If the girl’s a saint now, i think the is not so basic to prove she’s fraud, and the town gone therefore silly. She told it come me in a room alone - I have actually no proof because that it” (pg. 51).

Elizabeth is frustrated due to the fact that she to trust that several of his reluctance really stems from the reality that he still has feelings for Abigail.She says, “John, if the were not Abigail that you must go come hurt, would certainly you falter now? i think not” (pg. 52).Her trust in that is shaken through the reality that that spoke v Abigail alone, a information that he kept to himself till now.Elizabeth requirements John to provide his testimony discrediting Abigail to prove the he has actually moved on from her and also his loyalties aren’t separated (and because it’s the ethical thing come do).

After mar Warren reveals the Elizabeth to be accused briefly during that day’s trial, Elizabeth’s request concerning John’s visit come Salem changes.She sees that the situation is more dire than they initially thought; she life may actually it is in in danger because of Abigail’s vendetta against her.She now wants john to walk to Salem for this reason he can speak with Abigail and tell her that the two of them will never finish up together under any kind of circumstances.She knows that Abigail desires her the end of the photo so that she can take her ar as John’s wife.If Abigail hears directly from man that this will never ever happen, she could be encouraged to offer up she charade. Elizabeth urges, “Whatever promise she may sense - rest it, John, rest it” (pg. 59).

She understands the thehysteria bordering the trials has actually grown come a suggest where addressing the source of the trouble (Abigail) might be much more effective than attempting to to convince the court officials the the girls space lying. Also, if john speaks to Abigail himself, Abigail won"t have the ability to mistake his intentions in the future. If he"s ready to perform this, it will prove to Elizabeth that he yes, really is done v the affair psychologically and physically.

The mental wounds of John"s affair operation deeper than his romatically obtuse mind can comprehend.

Summary: Why does Elizabeth desire John to go to Salem?

Ok, let"s recap the answer to this question with part snappy bullet points:

Elizabeth originally wants man to walk to Salem for this reason he deserve to tell the court the he to know the girls are lying.Then, when she finds the end she was accused in court, she desires him to walk to Salem to speak directly with Abigail.Elizabeth provides these requests with an eye in the direction of correcting injustice and also saving her very own life.However, she additionally has a an ext emotional motive, which is to force John to present his loyalty to her and totally renounce his link to Abigail.

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