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The story about Zacchaeus and the sycamore tree is charline-picon.comed in Luke 19:1-10. Since it is a story, it has actually a setting, characters, plot, beginning and ending.

The setting is Jericho as soon as Jesus to be passing through. He rarely went that way. In fact, this to be Jesus' third and final time passing with Jericho ~ above His way to Jerusalem. As soon as Zacchaeus heard that Jesus to be passing through, he did what he could to see Him.

The personalities in the story encompass Jesus, Zacchaeus, the crowds, and the sycamore tree.

Crowds of human being were with Jesus to hear what He had to say. The well-off chief taxes collector Zacchaeus wanted to see and also hear Jesus just like everyone else. However, he was too quick to check out over the crowds. Zacchaeus ran ahead and also climbed increase a sycamore tree wherein he was sure to watch Jesus as He passed by.

When Jesus got to the tree that Zacchaeus to be in, the looked up and called the end to Zacchaeus by surname asking him to sign up with Him below. Jesus told Zacchaeus the He would continue to be at his house that night. The crowd complained that Jesus would certainly be remaining at the house of a sinner. World in the group disliked Zacchaeus due to the fact that he had cheated them out of their money so much that he was rich.

The ending of the story tells around Zaccheaus vowing to do restitution by offering half his possessions together a gift come the poor and also to give earlier four times the quantity of money that had built up by cheating people.

How Zacchaeus Participated in His Blessing

Even despite Zacchaeus to be short, that did no let the stand in his way of seeing and also hearing Jesus. Therefore, the did what he might to participate in his blessing.

So the ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to view Him, for He was going to happen that means (Luke 19:4).

Zacchaeus ran front of the crowd. That is finest sometimes no to stay in a crowd. Periodically you should leave the group behind and also run ahead.The quick tax collector climbed up into a sycamore tree to watch Jesus. Zacchaeus go something the end of the ordinary. Instead of Zacchaeus making use of his quick status together an forgive for no seeing Jesus, he uncovered a way.He action on belief by climbing a tree and literally finished up ~ above a limb.Zacchaeus did not desire someone else to call him around their experience about seeing Jesus. He want his very own experience.Zacchaeus go not recognize that Jesus would single him out and invite himself to eat through him. However, the chief taxation collector remained in the right location at the right time to have an encounter v Jesus which was much more than just seeing and also hearing Him.Zacchaeus to be determined, deliberate, and also intentional about seeing Jesus also if it had to it is in from a sycamore tree. Zacchaeus walk to an excellent lengths to watch Jesus. Rise a tree was an undignified act for the short government official, but he did it anyway.There was more in keep for Zacchaeus than just seeing Jesus native the peak of a tree. While Zacchaeus would certainly have resolved with just seeing and hearing Jesus, his story ended much much better because he had actually a an individual intimate encounter v Jesus.

What Is Restitution?

But Zacchaeus was standing up and said come the Lord, “Look, Lord! Here and also now i give half of mine possessions to the poor, and if I have actually cheated anybody the end of anything,I will pay earlier four time the amount. If I have actually taken anything native anyone by false accusation, I restore fourfold" (Luke 19:8).

What Zacchaeus offered to do is dubbed restitution. Restitution is the act of restoring come the rightful owner other that has actually been taken away, stolen, lost, or surrendered. Follow to Leviticus 6:1-7, restitution was part of the Mosaic law that forced a human being who stole someone's residential or commercial property not only had to pay because that it, but additionally had to add 20 percent or one-fifth the its value.

The only instance of restitution in the new Testament is as soon as Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector vowed to repay fourfold what he had taken native people.

5 Lessons indigenous Zacchaeus

The story is one more example of Jesus getting to out come a sinner and also offering salvation.

Lesson 1: We should want to watch Jesus, no issue what it takes (v. 3).Lesson 2: We have to put our pride aside. It would need to be a humbling suffer to it is in so brief that you need to climb a tree to view (v. 4).Lesson 3: Be willing to accept Jesus' invitation and answer His contact (v. 5).Lesson 4: meet Jesus with excitement and joy. Be excited around Jesus and also the salvation He supplies (v. 6).Lesson 5: let Jesus find you and readjust you since He can, and He is ready to perform so (vv. 8, 10).

Why Zacchaeus Climbed the Sycamore Tree

Zacchaeus could have climbed any type of tree along the way, however he decided a sycamore tree to climb. So, why go he choose to climb that specific tree?

The straightforward answer is that it is a high tree which uses a great view. However, there were plenty of other tall trees the he can have used. So, why didn't Zacchaeus choose another tall tree?

The sycamore tree symbolizes rejuvenation and regeneration. By rise the tree, Zaccheaus had strategically positioned himself for a life-changing encounter.

By going up the tree Zacchaeus got much more than what he bargained for. He was asked for to come down and also not just to meet Jesus face-to-face but to hold Jesus for a enjoy the meal in his home that would certainly be a life-changing suffer for Zaccheaus.

The sycamore tree is a better tree to climb 보다 the palm tree. The sycamore tree has a sturdy trunk and low spreading branches. The tree stood tall and solid in the middle of the crowd who weren't willing to aid Zacchaeus. In fact, the world in the crowd tried to distract the taxes collector. By being in the tree, Zacchaeus’ brief stature was no much longer a limitation come seeing and also hearing Jesus.

About the Sycamore Tree

Sycamore trees room easily determined with their huge size. It can prosper as tall together 98 to 130 feet, and also its diameter deserve to be as large as 4.9 to 6.6 feet. A sycamore tree symbolizes strength, protection, eternity, and divinity

Zacchaeus’ Sycamore Tree is among the top tourist attractions in Jericho due to the fact that of the story in the Gospel of Luke. The tree stands in ~ a major intersection in Jericho. Return the tree may not it is in the same one Zacchaeus climbed, the is in the spot whereby Zacchaeus climbed a sycamore tree to watch Jesus. The tree that stands in the same setting as the biblical sycamore tree is 2,000 year old. World are reminded of the story while viewing the tree.

Life Applications from Zacchaeus' Story

Zacchaeus was lost until he uncovered Jesus who looked up and found him.

Jesus knows her name (v. 5). Zacchaeus would have resolved for just seeing Jesus, however he got so much more. Jesus referred to as his name, asked for that the come down and also eat through Him.Jesus welcomes, sees, and also saves (v. 5 and v. 10). Jesus welcomes those that wholeheartedly want to watch Him.Jesus sees worth in every person. While the crowds were grumbling because Zacchaeus was a sinner, Jesus to be welcoming Zacchaeus since he to be a sinner worthy of gift changed.Jesus saves those who look for Him. While Zacchaeus seek Jesus, Jesus saw him. Jesus has said He concerned seek and also save those who are shed (v. 10). Zacchaeus was lost, yet Jesus uncovered him in the sycamore tree.Jesus wants to be through you (v. 5). Jesus said Zacchaeus the He should be his guest in his residence that day. He wants to be in your heart today.

Jesus knows your name, as with He knew Zacchaeus' name. Jesus sees girlfriend no matter where friend are. He welcomes you and also saves you. Jesus desires to be with you similar to He want to be through Zacchaeus. Being v Jesus is a life-changing experience.


We are called to recognize our sycamore trees in all the areas where Jesus is pass through. Then we will be able to position oneself to have a clear view to view Jesus.

We can likewise experience the same life-changing encounter v Jesus the minute we recognize our sycamore tree and respond to Jesus' inquiry to hold Him in our hearts.

Beware of crowds that shot to save you from seeing Jesus. Don't hear to them once you desire to listen to Jesus. Don't hesitation to obtain to wherein Jesus is. Run past the crowds. Rise your very own sycamore tree due to the fact that that's whereby you can emphasis on the Lord and not top top the crowds below.


Dora Weithers indigenous The Caribbean on march 25, 2020:

Thanks for reporting on the basic facts and messages in this story. It's amongst my favorites.

James C Moore native Joliet, IL on in march 22, 2020:

Zaccheus was presented to me as a young boy with the track "Wee small Man." It reflects us the the lord rewards those that diligently look for him. This hub is a an useful lesson.

Cheryl E Preston indigenous Roanoke on in march 22, 2020:

This is one of the stories I learned in Sunday school. Say thanks to you for adding revelation come the information.

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Miebakagh Fiberesima from harbor Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. On march 22, 2020:

Hello Margaret, thanks for sharing. The story is really interesting. However, i realize the Zach has actually not cheat anybody. But he told Jesus that if ever he cheat in his dealings, he will revitalized seven-fold. That is why the earn immediate salvation. Happy Sunday.