Following on from the group’s first number 1, Sweets for My Sweet, the group had narrowly missed out on the top spot v Sugar and also Spice (it was kept at just by You’ll never ever Walk Alone). V Needles and Pins, the group chartered darker territory lyrically (and avoided any type of links to confectionary because that a change).

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The tune was one of the an initial compositions by Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono, who at the moment both operated for mad genius producer Phil Spector. Bono insurance claims in his autobiography that he came up v the lyrics while Nitzsche strummed his guitar, yet ownership has additionally been claimed by Jackie DeShannon, who had first made it a struggle in 1963.

The song’s protagonist is full of self-loathing because he has actually been left so heartbroken by his ex-partner, yet he also loathes she too, and thinks her brand-new lover will certainly soon offer her a taste that her very own medicine, to the point he hopes she’ll one day feel his pain, i m sorry manifests together ‘needles and also pins’. It’s a clever, innovative conceit, in sharp comparison to the simplistic love songs so prevalent at the time. It’s also clever just how the misery in the text is rather masked through Mike Pender’s sun-kissed 12-string guitar, i m sorry had become The Searchers’ trademark and was a precursor come the folk-rock motion that would start a year later. In fact, Needles and Pins wouldn’t have actually sounded out of location on the Beatles’ Rubber Soul.

Pender also took end from Tony Jackson on command vocals, v drummer chris Curtis offering harmonies. Back there to be no main singer, and also Jackson would do this live, his role was diminishing.

Sonny Bono would of course walk on to kind a duo with his mam Cher, and also will be earlier in this blog an ext prominently in early out course. Nitzsche walk on to become one that the ideal arrangers of the decade, working v Spector top top Ike and Tina Turner’s River Deep, mountain High before contributing part astonishing psychedelic strings to 2 of mine favourite 60s songs, specific The Monkees’ Porpoise Song and Buffalo Springfield’s Expecting come Fly. He later on wrote the unusual yet memorable movie score for One Flew end the Cuckoo’s Nest, and co-wrote the Oscar-winning Up where We Belong, perform by Joe Cocker and also Jennifer Warnes because that An Officer and also a Gentleman in 1982.

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Written by: Jack Nitzsche & Sony Bono

Producer: Tony Hatch

Weeks in ~ number 1: 3 (30 January-19 February)


6 February: The British and also French governments reached an agreement to build a Channel Tunnel. It to be predicted the the rail link would take five years come build, which to be close, yet it took a lot much longer to begin than was originally expected. early to countless false starts and cancellations, building began in 1988, and the service started operation in 1994.

19 February: Actor and comedian Peter Sellers married actress Britt Ekland. Sellers was additionally getting rave reviews because that his function in Stanley Kubrick’s satirical film Dr. Strangelove or: how I Learned to stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.