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"A tiny Bit Me, a tiny Bit You" is a song by Neil Diamond the was released by The Monkees in 1967 (see 1967 in music). Davy Jones sang the command vocal (this to be Jones" an initial lead vocal ~ above a Monkees single). It went to No. 1 in the us Cashbox charts. On the Billboard charts it went to No. 2, and also "Somethin" Stupid" by open minded Sinatra and also Nancy Sinatra kept it from the No. 1 spot. The record"s B-side to be Michael Nesmith"s "The Girl i Knew Somewhere", which likewise charted top top Billboard, peaking in ~ No. 39. It was also included in the "I"m a Believer" EP in Europe the year. Neil Diamond never made a studio recording of the song (as he had actually done through "I"m a Believer"), however he did perform the track in his live mirrors of 1967. At least one record of together a performance exists and also circulates from new York"s Bitter finish club. While the song was originally published by screen Gems-Columbia Music (BMI), the is now published by Stonebridge Music/EMI Foray Music (SESAC).more »

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Walk outGirl, don"t you walk outWe"ve acquired things come sayTalked out; let"s have actually it speak outThings will certainly be okayGirlI don"t desire to findThat I"m a little bit wrongAnd you"re a small bit rightI said, girlYou know that it"s trueIt"s a little bit me (a little bit me)And it"s a tiny bit you, tooDon"t know just what I said wrongBut, girl, i apologizeDon"t go; here"s wherein you belongSo, wipe the tears from her eyesGirlI don"t want to findThat I"m a small bit wrongAnd you"re a tiny bit rightI said, girlYou understand that it"s trueIt"s a little bit meAnd it"s a tiny bit you, also Oh girlI don"t want to findI"m a tiny bit wrongAnd you"re a small bit rightI said, girlYou recognize that it"s trueIt"s a little bit meAnd it"s a tiny bit you, too It"s a small bit meIt"s a tiny bit youGirl, don"t goNo, no, no, no, noGirl, don"t goNo, no, no, no, noHey, girl

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Neil Diamond Neil Leslie Diamond (born January 24, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter v a career spanning over five years from the 1960s till the present. As of 2001, Diamond had sold over 115 million records global including 48 million in the United says alone. The is thought about to it is in the third most effective adult modern-day artist ever on the Billboard chart behind Barbra Streisand and also Elton John.

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His songs have been covered around the world by countless performers from miscellaneous musical genres. More »