One Pair of hands | picture credit: herrlinittadoki.cfDo you recognize some gospel songs the talk around the hands of God? If you’ve been loving gospel songs, girlfriend surely can mention several examples. “Clinging to a saving Hand,” “The Unseen Hand,” “Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand,” and “His Hand in Mine” are just a couple of of the many written song on this theme. Come add, here’s another beautiful tune to loss for. Licensed has been granted “One Pair that Hands,” this track exalts the mighty hands of God and also their countless works the wonder. It was written and also originally taped by Carroll Roberson. This record appeared on several of his albums including Carroll Roberson Sings Gospel Favorites. For united state to further appreciate that one pair that hands, stop reflect summary on the song.  

Immersing in the Lyrics

The opened verse tackles the wonderful innovations of oh my gosh hands. This definitely draws recommendation to the Biblical accounts of production found in the publication of Genesis. Here, the narrator cites the herbal riches that the people that only the hand of God could ever craft. It’s a masterpiece the deserves all praises from every of us.

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In the 2nd stanza, the track enumerated the miraculous works of oh my god hands. In His hands, over there is healing, over there is life. It’s just that pair of hands that has actually the strength to patience the storm and feed hundreds of people. And, those to be the very same hand that had been pierced v nails and shed blood on the cross.

Each city closes through the lines the gave focus on the strength that God’s hand possess. V such strength, all of us deserve to rely on it whenever life’s troubles come around. Thus, all we have to do is placed our confidence on that pair of hands and everything will be under your control.

Now, let’s open up our hearts as we hear to the song.

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