The rate of sound and also speed the light room different, i m sorry is why you’ll constantly see lightning prior to you hear the thunder. If the lightning is a mile or 2 away, that’s a great enough distance that the speed difference becomes evident to your brain.

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A Light and sound are very different. Sound is actually a mechanical disturbance with air or one more medium. Sound always needs a tool to take trip through, and also the kind of tool determines its speed.

Imagine a bunch of molecule bouncing roughly in the air. If girlfriend hit an item or do a fast motion, the molecules the you push are going to hit the persons in prior of it. You’ll get this disturbance in the direction of travel of but you make the early motion, and also it will relocate through the medium. That’s how sound travels, as a press wave.

Light, on the various other hand, is not a push wave. It’s a basic particle. One ray of irradiate is frequently called a photon, and it’s one electromagnetic disturbance. Light doesn’t require a medium to travel.

The rate of sound with air is around 340 meters every second. It’s quicker through water, and also it’s even faster v steel. Light will travel v a vacuum in ~ 300 million meters per second. So they’re completely different scales.

No information have the right to propagate faster than the speed of light. If you have light that’s going through media, it have the right to travel slower 보다 that.

But the rate of sound and also speed of light are completely incomparable. You normally don’t notification this speed distinction on a day-to-day basis. This speed difference does come to be apparent, for example, v lightning. You’ll always see lightning before you hear the thunder. If the lightning is a mile far or two miles away, it is a good enough street that friend will notification the rate difference.

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