Which sentence usage a semicolon correctly?

When you have a conjunctive adverb linking 2 independent clauses, you need to use a semicolon. Some typical conjunctive adverbs incorporate moreover, nevertheless, however, otherwise, therefore, then, finally, likewise, and consequently. I required to walk for a walk and also get some fresh air; also, I required to purchase milk.

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Did I use a semicolon correctly?

Rules for utilizing Semicolons A semicolon is most typically used to connect (in a single sentence) two independent clauses the are carefully related in thought. Use a semicolon in between two elevation clauses the are connected by conjunctive adverbs or transitional phrases.

Which sentence uses a semicolon correctly a Mona travels a lot through her household her favorite ar to visit is greek B Mona travel a lot v her family her favorite place to visit is greek C Mona travels a lot through her household her?

I think the price is: C. Mona travels a lot with her family; she favorite ar to visit is Greece.

What is the dominion for using semicolons?

Rule. Usage a semicolon between closely related independent rule which are not join by a coordinating conjunction. This rule way that semicolons space used in between two complete sentences which are not currently linked by words prefer and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet.

Which sentence uses correct assignment the teacher sighed and said?

Answer: the is The teacher sighed and also said, “You have to read composing to discover by tomorrow.”

Which sentence uses a colon or a semicolon appropriately Pedro?

Pedro summary the speech; serving your nation is a noble cause. Explanation: A Semi-colon(;) and also a Colon(:) space both point marks provided in a sentence or phrase.

Which of the following sentences provides a semicolon correctly Weegy?

D. Joe watered; the garden however the tree did not grow. The sentence in i m sorry semicolon is supplied correctly is: Joe watered the garden; however, the tree did not grow.

Which sentence supplies correct punctuation the baseball player struggle the ball and also the group cheered the baseball player hit the ball and also the crowd cheered the baseball player hit the ball and the crowd cheered the baseball player hit the sphere the crowd cheered?

Answer: The baseball player fight the ball, and also the group cheered. Explanation: In grammar, the word and is a conjunction the joins 2 phrases and when using the conjunction and, a comma have to be placed prior to the conjunction.

Which sentence provides correct punctuation plenty of countries are making progression to solve eco-friendly problems yet there is much more to it is in done?

Answer skilled Verified many countries room making progression to solve environmental problems; however, there is more to it is in done. As soon as using however in the middle of a sentence, we use a semicolon, complied with by however, followed by a comma. This help to different the 2 clauses if still linked the ideas.

Which sentence provides correct punctuation after our talk?

The answer to your question would be the the sentence that supplies correct point is the following one: After ours talk, Karen spoke of her hope: “I intend to operation for college student council and win.”

Which sentence provides correct punctuation Debbie knew?

Considering this, the sentence that provides correct point is “Debbie knew that researching for her test to be important; consequently, she cleared she schedule for the night”.

Which sentence supplies correct punctuation the couple?

Answer experienced Verified The price is B: The pair looked in ~ the exterior of the house, castle noticed; the paint was in disrepair. The comma (,) is used since there is an reverse in the order of the sentence.

In i beg your pardon sentence is every punctuation correct?

The correct answer is the last choice – “Most people,” i told him, “believe anything castle hear on tv or check out on the Web.” very first of all, there has to be a comma after people.

In i beg your pardon sentence is all punctuation correct many human being Lara mused never obtain to journey a steed many people Lara mused never get to journey a equine many civilization Lara mused never acquire to ride?

I would certainly say the correct answer is C. “Many people,” Lara mused, “never acquire to journey a horse.”

Which sentence is written properly Chase and also Mckay is visiting native Texas quizlet?

The answer to your question would be the the sentence that is written properly is the complying with one: Milo’s puppies are still through their mother.

In i m sorry sentence space parentheses correctly used?

Use parentheses come enclose information that clarifies or is supplied as one aside. Example: He lastly answered (after taking five minutes come think) that he walk not recognize the question. If material in parentheses ends a sentence, the period goes after the parentheses. Example: He gave me a nice bonus ($500).

Which sentence is exactly coarse grained sandstone?

From the given options, the exactly sentence is the matching to choice A: Coarse-grained sandstone offered to be quarried at Will’s Creek, not much from our town, due to the fact that the hyphen is provided to show that both adjective (coarse and grained) are modifying the noun “sandstone.”

What are the three types of sandstone?

Based ~ above hardness and color, 4 main varieties of sandstone can be recognized: (1) gray sandstone, (2) crystallized sandstone, (3) difficult sandstone and also (4) lead carbonate cemented sandstone.

What is one more name because that sandstone?

Sandstone Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for sandstone?

sedimentary rockchalk
nonclastic rockshale
stratified rock

What is the development of sandstone?

Sandstone is a rock comprising mostly the minerals developed from sand. The rock gains its formation throughout century of deposits creating in lakes, rivers, or top top the ocean floor. These elements group together with the minerals quartz or calcite and compresses.

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Why is sandstone various colors?

Because that is written of irradiate colored minerals, sandstone is typically light tan in color. Various other elements, however, develop colors in sandstone. The most common sandstones have various shades the red, caused by iron oxide (rust). In part instances, over there is a violet hue led to by manganese.