It’s the moment of year as soon as the country’s best ballet companies bring out their height productions – from The resting Beauty to The Nutcracker. We’ve carried together few of the ideal moments from our favourite Christmas ballets occurring this winter…

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2. The Nutcracker's street Plum Fairy

At midnight the toys concerned life and also the nutcracker prince whisks Clara to the soil of the sweets – where she meets the sugar Plum Fairy, below danced by Roberta Marquez (with Steven McRae) of The royal Ballet. Photo: invoice Cooper courtesy the ROH


3. The sleeping Beauty

Tchaikovsky’s enchanting re-telling that the standard fairy tale may not be collection at Christmas, but the happy-ever-after and also cast of fairy-tale personalities ticks that feel-good box. Pictured: The Bolshoi Ballet. Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP/Getty Images


4. Sleeping Beauty by the Bolshoi

The enchanting story the the princess who drops asleep because that 100 years is the perfect ballet because that Christmas.


5. Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton’s modern fable around an otherworldly guy with scissors for hands has been re-imagined by the visionary choreographer Matthew Bourne. Photo: Johan Persson

6. Edward Scissorhands in ~ Sadler's Wells

Liam Mower together Edward Scissorhands in Matthew Bourne's ballet. Photo: Johan Persson

7. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

A new arrival come the festive ballet scene, The royal Ballet’s manufacturing of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is together imaginative and witty as you’d suppose from choreographer Christopher Wheeldon. Photo: Johan Persson

8. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland – The Queen of Hearts

Zenaida Yanowsky together the Queen of hearts in The royal Ballet's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. Photo: Johan Persson

9. The Wind in the Willows

Choreographer will certainly Tuckett’s charming adaptation that this children’s standard has come to be a Christmas mainstay. Photo: Johan Persson

10. Wind in the Willows – with Alan Titchmarsh

And in the current production standard FM’s an extremely own Alan Titchmarsh is narrating! Photo: Johan Persson

11. The little Match Girl

Another Christmas weepy, Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The little Match Girl’ has been made right into a beautiful Christmas ballet by choreographer Arthur Pita. Photo: Phil Conrad

12. The tiny Match Girl

A moving story that a tiny girl's hopes and dreams – and it every takes place on Christmas Eve. Photo: Phil Conrad

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13. The Snowman

Christmas i will not ~ be Christmas without The Snowman – and also this ballet version of Raymond Briggs’s charming story ticks every the Christmas boxes. The score, through Howard Blake, consists of the classic ‘Walking in the Air’.

14. The Snowman

Nothing says Christmas much more than Raymond Briggs's 'The Snowman' brought to life on stage. Festive bliss.