Let"s go to the left next of the routine table. When searching for families, the first one friend will find is the alkali metal family members of elements. Lock are also known together the alkaline metals. You need to remember the there is a different group referred to as the alkaline planet metals in team Two. They room a an extremely different family, also though they have a similar name. That far left pillar is team One (Group I). As soon as we talk around the groups of the periodic table, scientists use roman numerals as soon as they compose them out. The "one" in this situation refers to having one electron in the outermost orbital.A family PortraitWho"s in the family? starting at the height we uncover hydrogen (H). But wait. That facet is not in the family. Once we told you about families, we stated that castle were teams of elements that react in comparable ways. Hydrogen is a very special aspect of the regular table and also doesn"t belong to any type of family. When hydrogen sits in team I, the is no an alkali metal. Household Bonding
Now that we"ve covered that exception, the members of the family include: lithium (Li), salt (Na), potassium (K), rubidium (Rb), cesium (Cs) and also francium (Fr). Just like all families, these elements share traits. They are an extremely reactive. Why? castle all have one electrons in their external shell. That"s one electron far from being happy (full shells). When you space that close to having a full shell, you want to bond with various other elements and lose the electron. An raised desire come bond way you are much more reactive. In fact, once you placed some of these pure aspects in water (H2O), they can cause vast explosions. The alkali steels are additionally metals. The seems apparent from the name. Often, in chemistry, features are assigned by the means elements look. Girlfriend will find that the alkali team is shiny and light in weight. Their light weight and also physical properties different them from various other metals. They space malleable (bendable) and sometimes soft enough to be cut with a dull knife. Alkali metals are no the form of steels you would use for coins or houses.

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