Out of the choices given, the one that explains a characteristics of a branched polymer is that they have only one start point and numerous end points. The correct answer is A. 

B.They have numerous start points and also many end points.

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In a branched polymer next chains prosper out the a key chain. The next chains are additionally made of exact same units as the key chain. This branches room a an outcome of next reactions the occur during polymerisation.

The branches may serve as the beginning or the end allude of the chain. They may likewise be branched further. So the beginning and the ending allude of a branched polymer totally depends ~ above the reference point. Branched polymers have diminished density since of lower packing efficiency.

Branching may result from the development of carbon-carbon miscellaneous other varieties of covalent bonds. Branching through ester and amide binding is frequently by a condensation reaction, developing one molecule the water (or HCI) for each bond formed. Polymers which are usually thermoplastic. Branching occasionally occurs spontaneously throughout synthesis of polymers; e.g.,

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They go choose chains in sides however they space attached to a the main chain.They have one starting point"Main Chain"and ends in countless endings.
Your answer would be, Because, lock only have actually one begin point, and also end in plenty of points.Hope that helps

The one that describes a branched polymer is the they have actually only one start point and countless end points. The price is A.

Step-by-step explanation:

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