It has actually been a long-held id that organic white candles have tendency to burn much faster than colored ones as result of the absence of dye additives. However, does this theory have any type of basis in truth? Let"s uncover out.

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Caution! it is vital to look after the safety and security of people and the next site while working with burning candles, since they are a fire hazard which require due precautions. The nationwide Candle Association recommends that kids under 12 year of period should no be enabled to take care of lit candles also under adult supervision.

Candles have a sluggish burn rate since the wax has to completely melt prior to the wick is spend by the flame. However, candle with various colors, shapes, sizes, and varieties of wax can cause them to burn quicker or slower. There is a myth that naturally white candle burn faster than fancy candles. In the following paragraphs, we will watch whether there is any truth come this. We will likewise look in ~ the other factors that influence a candle’s burning speed.

Does the shade of a Candle impact its Burn Rate?

The shape, size, and ingredients all affect the burn rate of a candle. So, it is quite herbal for one to wonder whether white candle burn quicker than fancy ones, and if castle do, why? The assumed behind this ask is that, plain wax is pure, and that fancy candles with dye additives slow-moving down the rate of burning.

However, plenty of science enthusiasts have actually experimented on this theory, and also have uncovered that the shade of a candle has little or no impact on how quick a candle will burn. In a couple of rare cases, the enhancement of dyes has been discovered to slightly increase the rate of a candle’s burn, and also this has been uncovered to be true in only in those candles through a rich shade due come the excessive enhancement of dyes. The amount of dye offered in many commercially made candle is too tiny to significantly influence the burn time.

Science same Project

The debate between the burn time of fancy candles versus that of level candles has become a really popular topic because that school children to present as their scientific research fair project. This experiment is constantly presented through the theory that a white candle will burn the fastest, yet the end result will prove otherwise.


For this experiment, you have the right to use dinner candles that are easily accessible in stores. The is important that the candle you pick have wicks the the appropriate thickness. Thick candles with thin wicks will cause the flame to acquire extinguished through the collection melted wax. To ensure that you obtain accurate results without any kind of outside influence, buy candles of the same size that are unscented and made by the exact same manufacturer. They need to only vary in color.


Mark each candle around exactly ½ one inch below the wick, and also another noting 1½ inch below that.Burn the an initial candle and also record the time it takes for the fire to cross the 2 markings.Perform the same procedure with the various other candles, one by one.Compare the timings the the burn rate of various candles, and also organize your results.For much more accurate results, execute the experiment again through a 2nd set of candles, and also find the mean times. Girlfriend can likewise weigh the candle to account for exactly how much wax is consumed in a addressed amount the time.

Factors affecting a Candle’s speed of Burning

Now the we have seen the the color of a candle does not affect its burning speed, let us look in ~ the components that might affect its burn rate.


This is the main reason because that a candle come burn faster or slower. Candles with thicker wicks will certainly burn quicker than those v thin ones. Also, the material of the wick, even if it is it is paper, hemp, or cotton, will affect the burn rate by a significant amount that time.


Generally, more tough wax burns because that a longer period of time. Therefore, you will discover that beeswax candles burn faster than paraffin candles.


Additives such as hardeners for the wax affect the burn time of a candle. Also, excess quantities of added scents have tendency to make the candles burn faster.


The atmosphere is also vital factor in a candle’s burn speed. Factors such together wind, humidity, approximately temperature, etc., can impact the rate of burning, which need to be considered while conducting any kind of experiment.


Older candles often tend to be much more dryer, which leader them to burn faster. Together such, age can additionally be taken into consideration a far-reaching factor in the speed of a burn candle.

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You have the right to put the over theory to test by performing this experiment through yourself. Also, by producing your very own candles, you will certainly have an ext control end the material, through the only difference being your color. With ideal supervision, this experiment can be used as a fun task for you and your kids.