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Where are They Sold?

You can find separation greenpeas in the dried beans andpeas section of countless grocery stores.

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This is a photo of the screen of greensplit peas in one of the shop in our house area.

At the moment this photo was taken, they to be beingsold because that $0.73 every pound.

You can likewise buy them in bulk in part stores and also online.


While part folks might skip soaking bean or peasovernight, Vickilearned this from she mom and has always found the beneficial.

Obviously, in order come soak dry split green peas overnight,you needto plan the enjoy the meal the night before.

Shortlybefore bedtime one night, Vicki took one lb of dry break-up greenpeas and also measured them into the crock pot.

Yes, there really were about13quarter-cup servings in the bag, together the information on the NutritionFacts dashboard stated.

She included 6 cups of water to the crock (to make surethat the peas would remain submerged also after castle swelled). Then, shestirred upthe peas and let lock sit overnight.

The following Morning

If Vicki had been preparing separation pea soup on a standardstove, she would have lugged the peas in thewaterto a boil the next morning and also then drained turn off the water.

We have actually used a hotpot to do the very same thing in-truck.

However, with one batch, Vicki chose to seeif she could achieve the whole process in the crock pot.

Thenext morning, she rotate the crock pot on low (with the peas and also thesoaking water in it) come let

the peas heatup andthe water foam.

She didn"t count exactly how long this process took, butit to be probably around 3 hours.

When we acquired to a protecting against place, Vickistrained the peas into one more bowl through a slotted spoon anddisposed of the soakingwater.

Sheput the peas ago in the crock, measure up in 4 cups of freshwater, and 6beef bouillon cubes for seasoning (a 1.5-to-1 ratio of bouillon cubesto the newly included water).

Then, she blended the peas up and also again setthe crock pot onlow.

Health Note:We no much longer use bouillon cubes (chicken or beef)because one ingredient typically always found in them -- normally eithermonosodium glutamate (MSG) or disodium inosinate -- is toxic.

Now, us use just plain table salt to flavor our split pea souppreparation.

Additional Ingredients

Whilesome people add other ingredient likepotatoes or carrots into their batches of split pea soup, we choose toadd just ham.

So, we have actually no suffer in knowing how much time isrequired to chef the other vegetables there is no making lock mushy.

About an hour or two before we planned come stop, Vickitookthe last little bit the ham (maybe1/3 pound) native a 3-pound chunk that we"d bought, reduced it intosmall chunks and added it to the pot.

Shestirred the ingredients and let the crock pot proceed to chef the soup.

Crock Pot: put it top top Low and Let that Go

Oneof the beauties of making use of a crock pot is thatitcooks ~ above lower warm over a longer duration of time.

You can "put it onlow and let it go."

Because that the reduced temperatures, somefoods arepretty forgiving.

This is definitely the instance with our batch that splitpea soup.

Everyonce in a while -- particularly when the truck hit a bang while the soupwas food preparation -- we would smell a small whiff ofsteam come the end of the crock pot.


The smell certainly helpedwhet ours appetites.

Servings native This Preparation?


Vickiwondered just how much soup we"d have left over after eat ourfill v unsalted optimal crackers:

Mike likes to crumble his crackersinto his soup;Vicki likes to eat hers individually through the soup.

Wewere sohungry by that time of night, that in between us, us ate the wholebatch!

The photo here shows this batch of split peasoup v ham in the crock -- v the bowl of our ladle submerged init and ready come dip the soup into bowls.

Ingredients us used:

1 pound (16 oz.) eco-friendly splitpeas10 cup of water (6 to soak, 4to cook)6 beef bouillon cubesham (estimated to be about 1/3pound)unsalted peak crackers

Health Note: currently we usage a reduced amount that table salt in place ofthebouillon cubes.

Equipment we used:

slotted spoon,plate,knife,ladle,bowls and spoons.

Cost that This Dish

green separation peas (1 pound)$0.73
beef bouillon cubes (estimated)$0.24
ham (estimated)$1.00
unsalted optimal crackers (estimated)$0.10
Total cost$2.07
Per servingcost (for 2)$1.035

Other preparation Methods

As we mentioned above,there room other means to prepare and also warm split pea soup.

In the photo here, you will watch the soup ina bowl through an apparent "ring" over the level that the fluid on theleft.

This isbecause this details batch that canned separation pea soup to be rewarmed in amicrowaveoven.

Because of the problems linked with microwaveoven use, we at some point replaced that as our appliance of choiceregarding rewarming food.

Comparing our Soup v One advertisement Variety

We"ve make the efforts commercially canned break-up peasoup, yet the Campbell"s brand is too salty because that us.

Compare, forexample, the amounts of salt in equal portions (such as 100grams) of these twopreparations of split peas:

The allude is that when you make her own split pea soup(or any soup), you deserve to season that the method you like.

You may wish toexperiment with the quantity of bouillon-to-water or salt-to-water ratiosinyour batches.

Vicki found that she offered fewer teaspoons the salt thanbouillon cubes in preparing dried beans and peas.

Nutrition Information

Split peas have actually a high percent of protein., in their raw, mature particle form, they haveabout 25% protein and also 26% dietary fiber.

If friend like, youmay to compare andcontrast all of the nutrition data for all creates of separation peas foryourself.

Money conserving tip:Dried beansand peas are among the best values (nutritionally and financially) fora meal,especially when eaten as a main course.

Although we favor to fix splitpeas (specifically the green ones) in split pea soup, thereare several recipes using break-up peas online.

We never ever recall seeing any kind of truckstop restaurant serving split pea soup (although there may beother bean soups served).

However, also if it to be served, just how muchwould youpay because that a key of it there?

Would you have to gain their "soup andsalad" menu item just to acquire the soup?

How lot would you spend incontrast to the expense ofwhat you have the right to fix in your truck?

Consider the possibility of maintaining at least apound or two of this dried vegetable in her truck (with your crock potand seasoning, of course), specifically as aback up because that times the you could get stranded in the winter and also needsomething nourishing and filling.

For residence support teams, you might be able to savemoney by buying separation peas in bulk.

Watch for sales and use couponswhere friend can.

Remember: If you"re food preparation in a crock pot whileyou"re roll downthe road, in which method brace her pot so the it won"t rock or pointer over.

Also, brace the lid so that doesn"t flop around.

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Enjoy your meal!

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