The Cabin

Once you have actually left the strength House, drive the bus forward till you watch a lamp write-up on the left side of the roadway that flashes. When you view it, hop off the bus and run come the best side that the road, directly across from the street lamp and follow the route there through the darkness till you concerned some flames in prior of a cabin. Inside the cabin, you’ll have the ability to purchase a Bowie Knife because that 3000 clams

Nacht Der Untoten

Just previous the farm, while riding on the bus, you will see a flashing street desk lamp on the appropriate side of the road. Once you view it, hop turn off the bus and also there will be an opening in the cornfield ~ above the right. Enter the cornfield making use of the open path and also take the very first left. After friend turn, continue forward and also take the an initial right girlfriend come to. Simply continue straight forward and also you will go into the area.

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The Turbine

The most useful item the the game—aside from your guns—is the Turbine. As soon as you have it developed at the Bus Stop, pick it up and also it deserve to then be put in front of doors that require power to open, as well as powering up other items that can be developed such together the turret and also electric trap.

The Turret

When you have actually reached the farm, and found the lawn mower, RPD, and, package of ammo, you can produce a turret that deserve to then be inserted where ever before you like to mow under approaching zombies. To power the turret however, you’ll require to have actually a player who has actually the Turbine.

The Zombie Shield

The Zombie Shield have the right to be provided in 2 ways: One to bring around and also bash zombie with, and also the second it have the right to be placed in the ground together a prevent measure because that approaching zombies. In either method you decide to usage it, it unfortunately won’t critical all that long.

Power Switch

Once you put the three items together, you will then be able to turn on the power for every one of the areas by flipping the switch beside the bench.

However, in law do, girlfriend are also unleashing a biology of electricity who will begin to hunt you when you have actually reached the Bus station again.

Electric Trap

With the electrical Trap created, much like the Turret, girlfriend will also need to have the generator to power it. When both items room on the ground near each other, the rap will certainly send the end a tide of electrical power that will kill any kind of zombie that comes near it. A word of warning though, it will additionally kill yourself also if you are not careful.

Jet Gun

Once girlfriend have accumulated all 4 item from roughly the various areas of the map and an unified them in ~ the workbench in the town, girlfriend will get this negative boy the a weapon which will basically suck up any type of zombies in former of it. Be warned however, if you use it for too long at one time, it will break apart and the pieces will must be choose up and also put ago together again. You won’t have to go ago to all 4 of the original spots, however, together the parts will be near where the exploded.

Pack-a-Punch Machine

To create the Pack-a-Punch machine, you will first need to access the area under the bank. To obtain there, friend will very first need to blow open up the vault door inside through a grenade. Merely toss it at the big metal door and also it will blow open. Once inside, walk to the right and there will certainly be another tiny vault door. To open up this one, toss 2 grenades at it and it will fly open. When the 2nd vault door is open, there will certainly be a door inside that has actually a green sign with a lightning bolt symbol on it. If you didn’t notification earlier in the power Station, there is a comparable door whereby you drop down v the outhouse.

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When girlfriend drop down, automatically turn around and also you will view the door there. To open up the door in the bank vault, girlfriend will require to have two people. One who deserve to stay at the door in the surprise Power room and one who can enter the financial institution vault. One human will must activate the wind turbine at the door below the outhouse which will then do the door inside the vault open. Once it is open, you have the right to then enter and also build the Packa-Punch maker to rise the strength of her guns.