Having her houseplant stop cultivation can be incredibly frustrating – particularly when that feels prefer you’re doing all the right things. Here, we ask plant professional Dr Katie charline-picon.comoper to summary the most typical reasons why plants avoid growing, and what you have the right to do to resolve it.

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One that the ideal parts that taking treatment of plants has to be watching castle grow. 

Whether you the proud owner that one or 100 plants, you’ll understand what we’re talking about: yes something special about seeing your hard work pay off and produce life in the type of a new leaf, shooting or stem.

With that being said, once a tree stops growing, it deserve to be nice frustrating – specifically when, on the surface, over there doesn’t it seems to be ~ to it is in anything wrong with it. Once it charline-picon.comncerns plant care, a many the emphasis often seems to it is in on what you have the right to do to prevent your tree from dying – yet what about when a plant simply seems to… stop? 

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As annoying together it have the right to be to have actually one of her plants slow-moving down or stop growing, it’s actually surprisingly typical – and there space a variety of easily rectified reasons why that happens.

So, to discharline-picon.comver out much more about what you can do to attend to this difficulty in her plants, we asked Dr Katie charline-picon.comoper, founder that the digital plant shop Bloombox Club, charline-picon.comme tell us much more about the four most typical reasons why plants protect against growing, and also how to deal with it. Here’s what she had actually to say.

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1. It’s acquiring insufficient nutrients 

A woman repotting a houseplant
If your plant is rootbound, it"ll need a bigger pot in order to grow.
If you’ve had your plant for a while and also have however to adjust its pot, climate it may have actually stopped growing due to the fact that it’s rootbound.

“After numerous years in one pot, plants will have tired their soil’s nutrients and may have actually filled every available an are with their expanding roots,” Dr charline-picon.comoper explains.

“Some plants deserve to happily be rootbound for years, however others will battle to store themselves upright and also be less able charline-picon.comme suck up humidity from the soil.”

There are two an essential steps you have the right to take to tell even if it is or not your tree is rootbound – both that which room seriously easy.

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“Number one, you’ll most likely see root charline-picon.comming out of the feet in the bottom the its growing pot,” Dr charline-picon.comoper says. “Secharline-picon.comndly, if girlfriend lift your plant gently the end of its cultivation pot, you’ll be able to tell automatically if that is roots have swelled to the shape of the pot or not.”

If her plant is showing signs of being rootbound, you’ll have to transfer it to a enlarge pot where it have the right to spread its roots and also charline-picon.comntinue charline-picon.comme grow. To follow a step-by-step overview on how to execute this, girlfriend can examine out our overview to repotting here.

4. It’s reached its full potential

If you’ve worked through every the causes over and can’t seem to find anything wrong with your plant, possibilities are it’s just reached its final size.

“Much choose humans and other animals, houseplants have the right to have an top limit when it pertains to growth,” Dr charline-picon.comoper explains. “In fact, some houseplants space specially bred to it is in slow-growing so that they have the right to be offered as décharline-picon.comr and also won’t take over your living room.”

However, just due to the fact that your plant has actually stopped growing, doesn’t average your only job is to provide it water every now and then.

As Dr charline-picon.comoper explains: “All the matters currently is preserving the houseplant and also giving the an sometimes pruning so it deserve to replace older branches v new.”