I understand that Jesus chose 12 hands-on worker (apostles) to represent the 12 tribes. Mine question carry out we recognize if every of the 12 were from a different tribe the Israel? In various other words are all of the tribes represented in the 12 apostles?

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From the an easy fact the there were at the very least two set of brothers, we deserve to say for sure that their primary defect identities were no from all 12 tribes.

If you consisted of all your tribal ancestors from your mothers" sides as well, climate we"d suppose that every the people were represented simply from the fact that civilization moved and also married approximately a lot, however there"s no actual proof for it one of two people way.


In various other words are all of the tribes represented in the 12 apostles?

Not in this age. Yet in the brand-new age, yes.

Jesus stated to them, “Truly, i say to you, in the new world, whenthe kid of man will sit on his glorious throne, friend who have followedme will additionally sit top top twelve thrones, evaluate the twelve people ofIsrael. (Matthew 19:28 ESV)

and ns assign come you, as my dad assigned come me, a kingdom, thatyou may eat and drink in ~ my table in my kingdom and also sit ~ above thronesjudging the twelve tribes of Israel. (Luke 22:29-30)



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