Michael was fairly tall so you can imagine he has big feet (he likewise has vast hands) .They are actually U.K dimension 9 and U.S dimension 9.5 although some claim it to it is in U.S size 10. Weight fluctuations cause his feet come look larger or smaller sized sometimes and of food he may wear a size bigger or smaller relying on the make and style of the shoe (the shoes he designed because that "Smooth Criminal" to be Spats together opposed to his Florsheim Como Ornament Loafers).

Also, in one interview v Zaldy, Michael's designer for "This Is It", the discusses when he request MJ if that wore the very same pair of shoes over the years and also Michael responded by saying that he just owns hundreds of the same shoe, so his feet should not have actually grown too much. The is likewise right handed. Ns hope this helps :)


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He wore a dimension 10

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ιυсчемма™ ♥ міснаеι јаскѕои ♥

9 Uk, 91/2 Usa

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Brittany Boo

Why space you method too obsessed through Michael Jackson?

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here the is

9 UK , 9.5 US

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Ms. Snit.



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Most stupid question of the day goes to.....

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