Breakers are an important safety attribute of waiting handlers. Circuit breakers room not just a move to revolve a heating system on and also off. They safeguard the wire the feeds the strength to your furnace in situation of one overload such together a shorted engine or heater element.

The quantity of existing or electrical energy that a furnace uses is a “load” on the circuit or wire the feeds the furnace. If the pack is big enough it provides sense to divide that load into two or much more circuits making use of a breaker for each circuit.

DISCLAIMER: This is no a guide. This short article is around why heating systems have two breakers. Cable sizes can vary by regional codes, wire length, type of wire, and temperature. The wire sizes mentioned right here are for explanation functions only.

A larger load requires a larger wire. Copper wire have the right to be expensive and also depending on several extenuating scenarios from both the manufacturer come the installer, a decision needs to be made as to the variety of circuits and also the wire size.

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Most electrical furnaces or waiting handlers in my area have two breakers, the most common load being 15KW. One breaker being a 30 amp which takes care of 5KW and the various other a 60 amp i m sorry takes treatment of the continuing to be 10KW.

For most installations of a reasonable length a 30 amp breaker have the right to be fed through number 10 copper wire and a 60 amp breaker v a number 4 copper wire. Making use of aluminum wire is a whole other story not debated here.

What If There are Two Breakers In mine Furnace and Only One In mine Panel?

Sounds confusing maybe however it’s a real thing. You’re looking frantically for the 2nd breaker in your panel come shut the the air handler but all you can find is one. The a solitary conductor or cable in a main electrical panel the is feeding two breakers in a furnace.

If you space confident, willing, and able to look inside her furnaces control panel her would check out what is dubbed a single point connection. Similar to the one pictured below.

Which by the means is a link to this product ~ above Amazon in case you have a need for one or merely want to know about what they cost. In mine opinion lock are method too lot for what lock are.


It’s customary and even allowable under details conditions to wafer increase a panel to allow an ext circuits. Overloading the panel is just one of those details conditions. Just your electrician knows. Well, possibly you execute also.

Keep in mind that there are usually two types of breakers in a panel. Not speaking that brands, however sizes. Sizes in relation to voltage. Over there are solitary circuit breakers the feed her lights and receptacles (the plugins top top the wall).

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And there are double circuits, they space the broader switches. If you look close girlfriend can notice that the switch or toggle on a twin breaker connects to what sort of looks choose two single breakers.

Double breakers feed appliances prefer your wait conditioner, electric range, dryer, electric water heater, etc.

I expect you feel the this is all good to recognize stuff. I have actually a many customers who have no clue and also this is crucial to your safety and also the serviceability of her home.

You need to understand what circuit breaker walk to what circuits or appliances. It’s constantly a tiny too late as soon as you need to shut turn off an appliance and also you can’t identify which breaker is the ideal one to switch and also make the kill.


Knowledge is power.

Janet says:
Bob says:

I have an old Rheem electric furnace version UBHA21J15SHCAI. A couple of job ago, my power went out due to the freeze here in Louisiana and also I test to operation the heater on my portable generator which has actually a 30 amp breaker, i m sorry tripped so ns was unable to run the furnace. The furnace has 2 breakers, both 60 amp, on the front panel and I to be assuming one breaker for each warmth strip. If I turn off among the breakers would that close up door off half the amperage, enabling the furnace to run on one heater element and possibly mine generator gift able to take care of the load? ns didn’t want to shot this throughout the strength outage due to the fact that I was afraid ns would damages the unit yet I thought possibly you can give me some insight. Thanks.