Eggs and peanuts are dangerous for world with what condition?
Food Allergies
Cooking tomato sauce in a copper pot can cause which foodborne illness?Toxic-metal poisoning
To prevent chemical contamination, chemicals need to be save on computer __?__ from food and also untensils.

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Itching and also tightening the the throat room symptoms of what?Food Allergy
How do you protect against food allergens native being transferred to food?Clean and also sanitize utensils prior to use.
What 3 points must a food defense program emphasis on come prevent feasible threats to food?Human element, structure interior, building exterior.
True or False. Zinc native a steel pitcher can be moved to lemonadeTrue
True or False. Lead from a platter can't be moved to food.False
Give 2 instances of chemistry hazards.Cleaners, sanitizers, polishes, an equipment lubricants, or toxicity metals.
Give 2 instances of physics hazards.Hair, dirt, steel staples, bones, or damaged glass.
To prevent toxic steel poisoning, what kind of food should not it is in stored in steel containers?Acidic
What form of containers contain zinc?Galvanized containers (buckets)
True or False. Fruit pits prefer cherries uncovered in a fruit pie is a physical contaminant.True
What should food handlers do after touching their hair, face, or body?Wash your hands.
What have to foodhandlers carry out after prepping food and before utilizing the restoom?Take off your apron or chefs jacket.
Which piece of jewelry have the right to be worn through a foodhandler?Plain band ring
When have to hand antiseptics be used?In ar of washing hands.
When should foodhandlers who wear gloves to wash their hands?Before they placed on their gloves.
How have to foodhandlers keep their fingernails?Short and unpolished.
A cook wore single-use gloves while creating raw floor beef patties then continued to wear lock while slicing hamburger buns. What was the mistake?The cook didn't wash their hands and also put on brand-new gloves before slicing the hamburger buns.
The transport of microorganism (bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites) from one resource to another is called?Cross contamination
The leading reason of foodborne illness which is ideal controlled by personal hygiene is dubbed a.Virus
Pathogens that thrive rapidly when conditions are right. Part product toxins that make civilization sick is called?Bacteria
Food that have the right to be consumed without more prep, washing, or cooking such together lunch meat or part fruits is called?Ready-to-eat food.
True or false: Scratching your scalp and contaminate food?True
Scratching a sore ~ above your arm then handeling foods can spread out staphlococcus aureus, salmonella, or shigella?Staphlococcus aureus
After managing raw meat, seafood, or poultry your must ? prior to you take care of ready-to-eat foods.Change her gloves.
How need to fingernails it is in kept?Short and unpolished.
It is alright come wear a sleep ring once preparing foods.False
Give 2 occasions once a chef should no eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum?When preparing or offer food. Once working in prep areas. As soon as working in locations used to clean utensils and also equipment.
How lengthy should hands and also arms it is in scrubed?15 to 20 seconds
How warmth should the water be as soon as washing hands?As heat as you can comfortable take care of or at the very least 100 degrees.
True or Fale: If friend wear single gloves, friend don't need to wash her hands.False
When acquisition out the garbage, friend should always remove . . .Your apron.
When going to the rest room, girlfriend should constantly remove . . .Your apron.
When have to gloves be changed? provide 2 examples.As quickly as they come to be soiled or torn, prior to beginning a various task, at least 4 hours during constant use, after handling raw meat, seafood, or poultry.
What should a food handler carry out if they reduced their finger while prepping food? covering the wound v a bandage, stay away kind food and also prep areas, covering the hand v a glove and also finger cot, sheathe the wound with a bandage and a gloves or a finger cot.Cover the wound through a bandage and also glove or a finger cot.
What is a finger cot?A tiny finger cover to it is in worn over a bandage.
What need to a manager at a nursing house do if a chef calls in through a headache, nausea, and also diarrhea?Tell castle to continue to be away native work and also see a doctor.
True or False: that is alright come wear false fingernails while prepping foods.False
Staphlococcus aureus is brought in the nose of what percent of healthy and balanced adults? 10 come 25%, 30 come 50%, every adults.30 come 50%
What have to a food preparer execute after poignant their hair, face, or body?Wash their hands.
Staphlococcus aureus is brought on the skin of what percent of healthy adults. 5 to 15, 10 come 25, 20 come 35.20 to 35%
What is jaundice?A yellowing of the eyes or skin.
True or False: A foodhandler deserve to contaminate food when they have actually a food borne illness.True
If a foodhandler has actually jaundice, they deserve to not contaminate foods.

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A foodhandler have the right to contaminate food also if lock don't have actually symptoms of an illness yet.True