Biology is the examine of everything that is, or was once, lively — whether it"s a plant, pet or microorganism.

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Biology is the study of every living organisms, including this beloved jewel pest and the plant it"s perched on. (Image credit: Shutterstock)
Biology is the research of life. The word "biology" is obtained from the Greek words "bios" (meaning life) and "logos" (meaning "study"). In general, biologists study the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution and also distribution of life organisms.

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Biology is important due to the fact that it helps united state understand just how living points work and also how they role and interact on many levels, follow to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Advances in biology have actually helped scientists carry out things such together develop better medicines and also treatments for diseases, understand just how a transforming environment might impact plants and animals, create enough food for a growing human population and predict just how eating brand-new food or sticking to an practice regimen might impact our bodies.

The straightforward principles of modern-day biology

Four values unify modern biology, follow to the publication "Managing Science" (Springer brand-new York, 2010):

Cell concept is the principle the all life things are made of an essential units called cells, and all cells come native preexisting cells.

The plenty of branches that biology

Although there room only four unifying principles, biology consists a broad variety of topics that are broken into countless disciplines and subdisciplines.

On a high level, the various fields the biology have the right to each be assumed of together the examine of one kind of organism, follow to "Blackie"s dictionary of Biology" (S Chand, 2014). For example, zoology is the research of animals, botany is the research of plants and also microbiology is the study of microorganisms.

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Within those broader fields, countless biologists specialization in researching a details topic or problem. For example, a scientist might study habits of a certain fish species, while one more scientist may research the neurological and also chemical instrument behind the behavior.

There are numerous branches and subdisciplines of biology, yet here is a short list of few of the an ext broad fields that autumn under the umbrella that biology:

Ecology: The examine of how organisms communicate with your environment. For example, one ecologist might study exactly how honeybee habits is influenced by people living nearby.


A botanist is a biologist who researches plants. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The multidisciplinary nature of biology

Biology is often researched in conjunction v other areas of study, consisting of mathematics, engineering and the society sciences. Here are a couple of examples:

What carry out biologists do?

Biologists deserve to work in countless different fields, including research, healthcare, eco-friendly conservation and art, follow to the American academy of organic Sciences. Right here are a few examples:

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