Humankind’s Insignificance contrasted to Nature’s Power: with both the story’s explanation of landscape and its characters’ interactions, the story emphasizes humankind’s smallness and also insignificance in comparison come the large and harsh realities of nature. Though the guy views himself together intelligent and competent, his efforts prove ineffectual when pit versus the Yukon’s land and snow. The is clear, however, that nature is not out to acquire the man; he simply wandered into somewhere that he no belong, unprepared.

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Man’s Erroneous referee vs. Animal Instincts: The male interactions through the dog point to this theme; despite the dog is a better indicator of danger than the man’s reasonable judgment, he as well often adheres to faulty reasoning, failing to notice—or treatment about—his dog’s hesitance. The dog is indifferent come him, just wanting to proceed its own survival. Out in the wilderness, instinct, the result of year of adaptation and also hereditary experience, is far much more valuable 보다 rationality.

Youth’s Ego vs. Wisdom’s Experience: A clear contrast is collection up between the old-timer’s advice and also the actions taken by the man. Because of the male ego and shortsightedness—his main problem is what time hell be meeting his friends, no ensuring his safety—he does not follow any of the old-timer’s advice well enough. Despite the guy is intelligent, he is no adapted, physically or in terms of experience, to survival in the inhospitable environment, uneven the old-timer.

"Suddenly he discovered himself through them, coming follow me the trail and also looking because that himself...." check out in text(To build a Fire)

In his dying moment, the man undergoes an out-of-body experience, a separation the the awareness from the body. London has actually prepared united state for this department throughout the story. The character’s awareness is typically characterized as existing outside of himself in such phrases together “the assumed of it drove the on.” The department between the character’s body and also mind brings up again the template of man versus nature. The passage says that the character’s awareness is component of nature, together opposed come his human being body.

" The man looked down at his hand in stimulate to find them, and found them hanging on the ends of his arms...." watch in text(To develop a Fire)

In this terrifying image, the protagonist’s dissociation indigenous the natural people intensifies. The man is no longer only disconnected native the world roughly him; that is start to shed his link to his own body. Considering the story’s themes, this advance makes one wonder even if it is the human body belongs come the male or come nature.

"for the absence of emotion in his feet left that unrelated come the earth...." see in text(To construct a Fire)

The protagonist is “unrelated come the earth” on two levels. On a literal meaning level, the absence of sensation pipeline him can not to feel the ground. Top top a metaphorical level, this numbness explains the character’s wider relationship come the earth. Transparent the story, the protagonist is in ~ odds v the environment, reading it incorrectly and also struggling versus it.

"He would certainly kill the dog and bury his hands in the warm body till the numbness went out of them. Then he could build an additional fire...." watch in text(To construct a Fire)

Notice exactly how the character’s sense of morality is guided by personal survival alone. The honest gravity of killing his companion does not weigh top top him. This decision underscores the story’s design template of man versus nature: to the protagonist, the dog is simply another natural resource.

"The cold of room smote the unprotected reminder of the planet, and he, gift on the unprotected tip, got the full force of the blow...." see in text(To develop a Fire)

London crafts one expansive photo that reiterates the layout of man versus nature. Up until this point, the man’s battle is depicted as taking place between him and his immediate surroundings. In this passage, we watch nature top top the scale of the cosmos. The pressures working versus the protagonist become embodied through the totality of outer space.

"It did not know this. It merely obeyed the secret prompting that arose from the deep crypts the its being...." see in text(To build a Fire)

London addresses an epistemological—knowledge-oriented—question in ~ the story’s heart. He argues that instinct and also knowledge are mutually exclusive and also that people alone are capable of knowledge. The story implicitly asks us which the the two are more effective. That is intriguing the London offers the an allegory of “crypts” to describe the source of the dog’s instincts, due to the fact that he when again supplies a metaphor with connotations of death.

"Fifty degrees listed below zero to be to the just specifically fifty degrees listed below zero. The there must be anything an ext to it than that to be a believed that never gotten in his head...." view in text(To develop a Fire)

The protagonist’s absence of instinct right here is exemplary of among the story’s major themes: man versus nature. The man’s inability to effectively read his atmosphere sets him in ~ odds v it. The dropping temperature, along with his naivety, foreshadows occasions to come.

Zachary, Owl eye Editor

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"an agitation sufficient to bring around the disaster..." check out in text(To construct a Fire)

One that the major themes in "To develop A Fire" is Nature"s indifference toward man. Note below that Nature isn"t proactively out to obtain the man, nor is the danger he experiences unique to him. These trees would certainly be "freighted" through snow nevertheless of his presence. His own actions room what reason the disaster.

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