As a square has 4 identical sides, to calculate the size of one side you would merely divide 52 by 4,which provides you 13.

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1) division 52 by 4.



Step-by-step explanation:

Since a square has four equal sides, you just have to divide 56 by 4, which is 14


Step-by-step explanation:

A square has 4 sides and if the perimeter is 80 climate you divide the perimeter by four to discover the size of each side

23 meters

Step-by-step explanation:

The perimeter that a square is denoted by: p = 4s, wherein s is the side length of the square.

Here, us don"t know s, yet we do know that ns = 92. So plug in this value:

P = 4s

92 = 4s

Divide both political parties by 4:

s = 92/4 = 23

Thus, the side size is 23 meters.

Hope this helps!


Step-by-step explanation:

A square has actually all equal sides

Lets take x as the next of the square





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