How does elevation influence temperature? this is a comfortable chart to visualize the temperature decrease with elevation.

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On-Snow example

So let’s put all this concept to the work. To speak you wake up up at your favorite Colorado resort and it’s snowing hard. The temperature in ~ the base is 20°F and the summit is around 3,000 feet higher. Climate you might estimate the temperature in ~ the optimal would be around 10°F (3,000 feet elevation readjust at 3.3°F every 1,000 feet equals around 10°F temperature decrease).

Or perhaps you’re in ~ the top of the mountain on a clear but an extremely cold day through temperatures approximately 5°F. It’s at an early stage afternoon and also while it to be cold once you started the day in ~ the base, you’re currently thinking it would certainly be funny to head come the bottom to have actually a beverage and sit in the sun. But will it it is in warm sufficient down there? of course!

Since it’s around 5,000 feet in between the summit and also the base of the mountain, the temperature in ~ the base town should be around 27°F warmer 보다 at the height (5,000 feet elevation adjust at 5.4°F per 1,000 feet equals around 27°F temperature increase). For this reason the temperature in ~ the base must be approximately 32°F. Sit in the sunlight after a nice job on the hill, and also this is the scientifically perfect temperature to reap an outdoor beverage.

Just remember that temperature transforms 5.4°F/1,000 feet (9.8°C/1,000 meters) if it’s dry and also 3.3°F/1,000 feet (6°C/1,000 meters) if that snowing.

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Temperature readjust formula

There is a formula to identify temperature change with altitude dubbed the temperature altitude equation). NPTEL a national online routine in India defines it prefer this: “For example, in the troposphere, the variation of temperature with altitude is offered by the equation T = T0 – λ h (2.4) wherein T0 is the sea level temperature, T is the temperature at the altitude h and λ is the temperature lapse rate in the troposphere.” below is an virtual elevation temperature calculator

So, bundle up the greater you walk on the mountain and also enjoy a an excellent day ~ above skis or snowboards, regardless of the weather.

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