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Alpha Kenny Body is a intentional mondegreen or homophonic revolution of the expression "I"ll crap anybody". The phrase was initially embraced by the north American Filipino YouTube community as a well-known prank come play on parents, played out by creating the phrase on a piece of file and questioning parents come recite it.

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Alpha Kenny Body and also other intentional mondegreen"s such as "I to be sofa king us Todd Ed" (I am so fucking retarded) have actually existed for years. The UrbanDictionary entry for Alpha Kenny human body was very first posted in November the 2007.

One that the initial and most perceived prank videos was uploaded January 8, 2010 by video clip blogger Frida increased who efficiently pranked she mom into saying the phrase.

The bulk of see on the video are accredited to facebook links and also sharing and have surpassed fifty percent a million see within seven months the the early upload. In the description, Rose claims to have received the idea for the prank from another video clip uploaded July 1, 2009.

The major contributor to the spread out is video clip blogger and comedian Kevin Wu AKA KevJumba when he pranked his dad through the phrase on a video clip uploaded April 29, 2010.


The first two spikes correspond to the videos post by Rose and Wu and have currently begun to taper off. Facebook shows up to be one of the major contributors through attach sharing and fan pages (link via Wayback Machine).

What is tho undetermined is why the vast bulk of contributors come this prank are mostly from the Filipino YouTube Community.

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