The main difference between bolus and also chyme is that bolus is the food mashed up within the mouth, ultimately converted into chyme, conversely, chyme is the food digested within the stomach.

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Furthermore, the bolus is much more alkaline while the chyme is an ext acidic. In enhancement to these, bolus passes right into the stomach through the esophagus, while chyme enters into the small intestine. 

Bolus and also chyme room two claims of the food ingested into the gastrointestinal tract of animals. 

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1. What is Bolus – Definition, Composition, Texture, Importance2. What is Chyme – Definition, Composition, Texture, Importance3. What space the Similarities in between Bolus and Chyme – synopsis of typical Features4. What is the Difference between Bolus and also Chyme – comparison of key Differences

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What is Bolus 

The bolus is the ball-like mix of food and also saliva developed as a result of the chewing procedure inside the mouth. Generally, saliva is a combination of secretions of outstanding glands and serous glands, i m sorry open into the oral cavity. The three key pairs of outstanding glands in the mouth encompass the parotid glands, submandibular glands, and sublingual glands. Also, the 2 main types of digestive enzymes existing in the saliva are amylase and lingual lipase. Basically, amylase converts the strength in the food right into maltose while lipase catalyzes the hydrolysis that lipids. Meanwhile, the serous fluid and mucus within the mouth room responsible because that the lubrication that food.


Figure 1: Bolus

Furthermore, with the aid of tongue and teeth, this mix of food and saliva is made into a bolus, which passes into the stomach with the esophagus. Significantly, this ball-like nature is crucial for facilitating swallowing. 

What is Chyme 

Chyme is the creamy paste containing a mixture of partially digested food and gastric juice. Generally, gastric juice mainly includes hydrochloric acid and also sodium chloride. Therefore, it is strong acidic with a pH in between 1 come 3. Basically, this acidic pH causes the denaturation of protein in the food. Moreover, the enzymes in the gastric juice are largely responsible because that the digestion of proteins. Here, pepsinogen is the key enzyme in the gastric juice, digesting proteins. Gastric juice likewise contains gastric lipase, hydrolyzing lipids. Furthermore, rennin is a gastric enzyme current in infants.

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Figure 2: 3 Phases of digestion in the Stomach

Moreover, churning, i m sorry occurs v the peristalsis, is the process of mechanically digestion within the stomach. Here, tide of muscular contractions, which take place along the wall surface of the stomach an outcome in the mechanical breakdown of food particles while mixing gastric juice well through food. 

Similarities in between Bolus and also Chyme  

Bolus and chyme are two claims of the food ingested into the gastrointestinal tract.  Both mix with various secretions that the cradle tract.  They experience both mechanical and chemical digestion. 

Difference between Bolus and also Chyme 


Bolus refers to a soft, round sphere of food that has been chewed and is then swallowed to make its means to the stomach while chyme refers to the liquified part of what passes with the stomach and also into the little intestine.  


Moreover, the bolus is the food mashed up within the mouth, consequently converted into chyme, when the chyme is the food digested within the stomach. 


While bolus is the food mixed with saliva, chyme is the food blended with gastric juice. 

Mechanical Digestion 

The bolus is the result of the chewing process of food and saliva inside the mouth when the chyme is the an outcome of churning the food and also gastric juice inside the stomach. 


Moreover, the bolus is more alkaline when the chyme is much more acidic. 


While bolus is a ball-like food, chyme is a semi liquefied creamy paste. 


The color of the bolus is comparable to that of the food, if chyme still has actually the tone of the natural color of food. 

Degree that Digestion 

The bolus is in ~ the beginning of the cradle while the chyme is partially finished v digestion. 


In brief, the bolus is the an outcome of the chewing procedure of a mixture that food and saliva. Moreover, it is ball-like and also passes right into the stomach through the esophagus. In contrast, chyme is the an outcome of the churning process of bolus and gastric juice. However, it is a creamy paste, i m sorry passes into the little intestine. Therefore, the main difference between bolus and chyme is the type of digestion of food. 


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