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Make her Next event Historic!

Private occasions

In the heart of the city, this countryside oasis featuring both indoor and outdoor spaces, is perfect for your wedding, picnic, or distinct celebration.

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Educational Programs

never ever Stop discovering

There’s constantly something brand-new to learn, see, do and also experience at 4 Mile historical Park. From crafts and storytelling come prairie-style food preparation classes, explore our complete calendar of events and programs for visitors of all ages.

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Park hrs Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Four Mile will be open from 10am – 4pm for basic Admission & 5pm – 8pm for December Delights on Christmas Eve.

Four Mile will certainly be close up door on Christmas day for general Admission but will open up at 5pm because that December Delights.

December Delights

Join united state this December for a winter spectacular this vacation season special an ice skating rink, winter scavenger hunt, youngsters craft activities, seasonal snacks and beverages, arts installations, and also interactive amusements indigenous Farm-to-Spaceship and Oh hell Yeah!

November 26th – January 2nd

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Domes in ~ December Delights

Cozy increase in one of our dazzling domes once you book your visit to December Delights. Stylish and also snug, this outdoor domes offer a comfortable spot come relax if you gain sips and snacks under the stars. Accessible to rent throughout your selected ticket time, our domes can accommodate 2 – 8 civilization for one extra unique evening of winter merrymaking.

You deserve to rent a dome indigenous 5:30-7pm or 7:30-9pm. $50 every time slot. You re welcome note: Dome rentals do not include ticket come December Delights. This is one add-on experience.

rental a Dome
Brunch through Father Christmas

Come storage the season with Father Christmas at four Mile historical Park. Float the winter see while you sip warm drinks and also crisp cocktails and also dine on a scrumptious brunch buffet from taste Catering.

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Furry friends of 4 Mile

Stop in in ~ the front desk and also purchase a couple of wooden tokens to “chip” in in ~ our new Donation Stations, located at every of our pet enclosures. ~ above your means out come the Park, choose up a farm animal fact paper to learn an ext about our resident animals!

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Rocky hill Goat Yoga

In partnership v Rocky hill Goat Yoga, four Mile historical Park is excited to announce weekly goat yoga classes! Come enjoy the Park and also the irresistible charm of baby Nigerian goats as you flex and also flow with the herd. Schedules and also tickets available here.

Park Hours

January – MayFriday – Sunday10:00am – 4:00pm

June – DecemberWednesday – Sunday10:00am – 4:00pm

General Park & Museum Admission

Adults: $5Senior / army (65+): $4Youth (7-17): $36 and also Under: Free!Members: Free!

The 4 Mile residence is currently open for tours! obtainable 11am – 3pm Wednesday – Sunday.

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Park Closures: Thanksgiving Day and also Christmas Day

Special events and education programs (including field trips) are available on work we are closed to the public.

Read an ext about our Policies and also Procedures and what friend can lug on your visit!

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plank Nomination type

Four Mile is always looking for neighborhood members to join the plank of directors. If you are interested, you re welcome fill out the board nomination type and we will be in touch!