I tried looking Wikipedia and ended up v centisecond. It sounds so scientific. What is it called in colloquial charline-picon.com?



Centisecond, if valid, is really rarely used unit, as is hectometer or decaliter.

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You either measure "hundredths the second" or tens of milliseconds. In engineering, milliseconds room preferable. In sports hundredths room the defacto standard; together Jim said: fourteen and also five hundredths of a second.


I don"t recognize anyone who would call this a five centiseconds... 50 millisecond maybe.

It would normally be pronounced fourteen suggest oh-five seconds.

Edited to add: distinctions maybe offered in percentage percent of a second.


Whatever you great to call the unit (I normally speak to it a hundredth the a second), you seem to be confused around measurement. The document is 14.05 seconds, or if friend prefer, 1,405 centiseconds/hundredths of a second.


Strictly speaking, the is correct to say that one hundredth the a 2nd = 1 centisecond together explained listed below although words "centisecond" is rarely used in common language.

It will aid to first understand the ..., micro, milli, centi, deci, deka, hecto, kilo, mega, giga, ... Etc. Space nothing yet some of the most commonly used math prefixes of Metric/SI mechanism to arithmetically modify the magnitude of basic units of measure wherein,

milli = one thousandth (1/1000)centi = one hundredth (1/100)deci = one tenth (1/10)deka = ten times (10)hecto = one hundred times (100)kilo = one thousand time (1000)and so on.

When this prefixes are attached with any unit, they modify the size of that unit through their particular values as presented above. So, 1 centimeter = one hundredth (1/100) of a meter, 1 centigram = one hundredth (1/100) that a gram, 1 centisecond = one hundredth (1/100) that a second, back centigram and centisecond room hardly used.

Similarly, 1 kilometer = one thousand (1000) meter, 1 kilogram = one thousand (1000) gram, 1 kiloliter = one thousand (1000) liter.

So, as far as the question of utilizing a solitary word for "one hundredth that second" is concerned, we space left with only two choices: either us all agree to begin calling that "centisecond" (and why not, when we already use terms like millisecond, microsecond, nanosecond etc?) or proceed to call it "one-hundredth the a second" because we are too fear and/or prejudiced and/or conservative to use an unusual term choose "centisecond"!

Additional Note:(1) keep in mind the significance of the 2 prefixes "deci" and "deka". Castle are kind of "landmark" prefixes in the table that prefixes due to the fact that all other prefixes including "deci" and beyond viz centi, milli, micro, ... Etc indicate values smaller sized than 1. Likewise, all other prefixes including "deka" and beyond viz hecto, kilo, mega, ... Etc indicate values better than 1.

(2) when someone is analysis 14.05 2nd as "fourteen suggest oh 5 second", it should be understood that the two digits "05" pronounced together after the "point" instantly mean "hundredth" in the Decimal mechanism of Numeration that us follow worldwide.

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(3) To distinguish that one is reading / saying that component of the number which is lesser 보다 1 straightforward unit, the digits following the decimal allude are pronounce one by one. So, the number 12.35 is pronounced as "twelve point three five" and also not "twelve allude thirty-five".