Chapter 13

While Brian searches because that foolbirds, as he calls the chicken-like birds he has discovered, his instincts tell him that some creature lurks nearby. In ~ that moment he clues a big beautiful wolf, which then walks increase the hill and also away native Brian, complied with by 3 others. After the plane flies by him without spotting him, Brian feels incredibly defeated. He also tries to commit suicide by cutting himself with his hatchet. As soon as he survives, however, he determines never to let fatality tempt him again, and in that moment Brian transforms himself into the "new Brian." the finally numbers out exactly how to capture the countless fish in the lake when he realizes he need to account for the refraction of irradiate underwater and also readjust his aim. Top top that an initial day the he catches fish, that feasts on lock and, satisfied through his achievement and the wide range of food the produced, feeling hopeful. This hope, however, differs from his earlier hope the he will be rescued. He now believes the opportunities of his being rescued room slim. Rather, he own "tough hope" the he have the right to survive top top his own with his new knowledge the the wilderness.

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Chapter 14

A skunk comes to investigate the spot in the sand where the turtle has actually laid that is eggs. Brian yells in ~ the skunk, which reaction by spraying him. Blinded for virtually two hours as a result of the spray, Brian runs right into the lake to to wash himself. The skunk has likewise eaten the egg he had actually stored on the shore. Brian learned 2 lessons native this incident: do a sturdy shelter and put food in a defended place. Spending days increase his sanctuary with added wood, and also finding a high tree because that a food shelf the bears would be unable to reach, Brian still deals with the difficulty of a lack of food. After brainstorming about this problem, the resolves to build a small pond in i m sorry he may store the fish he has actually caught, attracted by the remains of the fish he had already eaten. Brian displayed his forethought however not just finding food because that the moment, but additionally developing some system of storage for the future.

Chapter 15

While in the woods, Brian steps time by events he experiences rather than by societal procedures of time, although he does note the passing job on the rock next come his shelter. His real sense the time, however, revolves approximately events such as the work of an initial Meat. Living turn off berries and also fish, Brian still had still craved an ext substantial food, meat in particular. He has actually thought of trying to catch the foolbirds that abound in the woods, yet despite your stupidity has a difficult time recording them. They tend to fly away at the critical second, and also are daunting to spot. Maintain his eye to check out the outline of a foolbird, Brian decides to rental his spear rather than his bow and arrow, which permits him to lunge at the birds. Moving sideways quite than right at the bird and also lunging in ~ it at the last second, he records his very first meat. Clean the chicken proves harder than he had actually expected, and he notes once an ext that in the past, and in a world where his mother had cooked because that him, such a duty would never have arisen to him. Brian rigs up a device to rotate the chicken end a flame and also sits earlier to watch it cook. Worried to have actually his first bite, Brian pulls off a piece that has actually not fairly cooked thoroughly yet. That reminded self of the importance of patience, and when the meat has finally cooked through, Brian enjoys his feast an ext than anything that has ever before eaten.


After the aircraft flies overhead and also the pilot does no spot him, Brian falls into the depth of hopelessness. His effort at suicide represents the lowest suggest in Brian"s emotional state during his whole stay in the wilderness, and also certainly suggests that that considers a life in which he have the right to hold the end so small hope because that his rescue unworthy of living. However, in the finish this event seems to have positive consequences; when Brian pulls himself the end of his miserable state, he recognizes this self-destruction attempt as one more mistake native which he must learn, feeling virtually reborn after the experience. When he had actually tried to take it his very own life earlier, he currently feels it has become more important than ever to affirm life and live v as lot vigor as possible. Although Brian experience several major events in this story, which all have actually tremendous affect on his future behavior, the transforms in his perspective after his suicide attempt room the many pronounced of any type of of Brian"s transformations. Brian himself even emphasizes this transformation by separating the "new" Brian from the "old" Brian in his mind.

In this part of the publication Brian notices that the occasions of his life in the wilderness defy societal procedures of time. Rather, the routines the nature dictate his behavior. He have to follow nature"s cycles and also weather patterns, yet he can largely shape his day roughly his demands for sleep and also food, and also his tasks to boost his shelter or find food. Brian begins to define and also measure time through the significant events in his wilderness life. Giving a name to each significant accomplishment or event, Brian formulates his own id of time. For example, the calls his first successful hunt because that a foolbird the work of very first Meat.

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The writer once again points to the communion Brian experiences v nature. As soon as Brian point out the wolf on the hill, Paulsen writes, "He knew the wolf now, as the wolf knew him, and he nodded come it, nodded and also smiled." In this incident the leader senses just how Brian has readjusted over the course of the book. Once he met the bear because that the an initial time in the berry patch, he at first feared it, but when that meets the wolf on the hill, he automatically acknowledges them and also respects them. Fear vanishes in favor of his appreciation for their beauty and also nobility, as he stands for what seems prefer a lengthy time come him, just watching them. In ~ this suggest Brian has lived over there for part time and feels he can identify v the pets because he stays a similarly simple life in the woods. That too must struggle to discover food and also to stop the dangers of nature, bringing the closer come the animals and allowing him to recognize them in a method that had actually been impossible before he had shared your environment.