We obtain a fair variety of people comes to the charline-picon.com asking if pencil lead is harmful? and also wanting to understand if you can really get lead poisoning native a pencil. Therefore we believed we’d attend to it briefly.Table that Contents
1 Is Pencil command Poisonous?2 Is Graphite Poisonous?3 What wake up if friend Eat Pencil Graphite?4 Is mechanically Pencil command Toxic?5 Is There lead in the Pencils Paint?6 Summary
Basically, you room unlikely come experience any type of symptoms if you swallow pencil lead or space inadvertently stabbed by a pencil. In ~ worst you might experience a mild stomach pains or maybe be sick. But there need to be no lasting injury done. If this is severe then that is always worth walking to view a doctor.

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4. Is mechanically Pencil command Toxic?

The straightforward answer is no since the lead in a mechanical pencil is exactly the very same as a wooden pencil lead. It is no actually lead yet graphite the only difference been the it is not cased in wood and graphite is a nontoxic substance. If friend would like to know an ext about wooden and mechanical pencils then take a look in ~ Wooden Pencils Vs mechanical Pencils.

5. Is There lead in the Pencils Paint?

In the early days the pencil make the paint that they supplied to cloak the wood v would have contained lead. About the 1940’s a many manufacturers stopped adding lead to the paint that they to be coating their commodities with. Yet it to be not until 1978 that the U.S banned command in paint and almost 15 years later on in 1992 when the UK lastly got about to banning it.

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6. Summary

So, getting stabbed v a little bit of pencil lead, or swallowing some, is no going to offer you command poisoning. Of course, there would certainly still be a hole in girlfriend from the stabbing, and swallowing bits that wood and also other international material is a throttle hazard, as well as a hazard to your digestion.Probably ideal just to use your pencil for writing.(On a related note, you additionally cannot acquire ink poisoning native a pen.)
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I have a college student that in reality eats around 1/2 a pencil everyday. Space there any kind of ill effects from spend THIS much !!?

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