i heard the expression "llava" / "ya va" (?) being supplied in Venezuelan charline-picon.com. It appears to have actually the an interpretation of "wait a moment", however my Mexican girlfriend don"t know it.

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Does anyone who understand what this word means and exactly how to assignment it?


I stayed in Venezuela for 23 years and speak expert charline-picon.com."Ya va" is a colloquialism, lot like "Hang ~ above a minute". Note that it has actually NOTHING to execute with the verb "ir" or "to go", in the same method that "Hang top top a minute" has nothing to do with the verb "to hang".In Venezuela the means:In an discussion or conflict:"Hold it best there!" or"Hold her horses!"In normal conversation, after ~ receiving a request:"Hang ~ above a minute." (because I´m busy, for example)NB: "Ya voy!" is additionally a colloquialism, however is not offered in the same type of context. If "Ya va" effectively means "Wait!", "Ya voy" means: "I"m ~ above it!" or "Coming!" or "Be right there!". In this context, "voy" IS related to the verb "ir" or "to go" - therefore "ya voy" can also mean "Going, already!" or similar.I hope the helps.

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Ya va is likewise used in Argentina to tell the other person to wait for a moment. Some feasible translations would be:

be right there give me a second/moment (please) just a second/moment (please) wait a second/moment (please) one second/moment (please)

...plus other similar variations, and which one to use will probably depend top top the context.

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Literal translate into is

is already going.

From ya (already) and also va (he/she/it goes), yet it would be more idiomatically in English together “(he/she/it)"s already coming”.

A comparable expression is Ya voy, meaning “I"m currently coming” (or just “coming!”).

Two meaning shift has actually occurred. The first is a an interpretation shift in the intention. If you"re asked to involved a place, your answer “I"m currently coming” has actually an latent “Wait for me!”. This way, the unit volume ¡ya voy! and ¡ya va! in reality ended an interpretation just “Wait!”, regardless if you already are relocating towards the request or not.

Secondly, the 3rd person singular has become such a fixed phrase that it is supplied for any kind of person or situation, including the very first person.

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So when you request something come someone, ¡ya va! in reality means:

Wait! (wait an unknown amount that time till I or someone else attend her request).

Apparently ¡ya va! is understood this method in Venezuela, Spain, Colombia, Puerto Rico, etc. The only world having trouble seem to be the Mexicans, but this expression might be similar to