Vivo per Lei (which literally method I Live for Her in Italian) is just one of the most famed songs videotaped by Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli. Although the was initially performed as a duet through Giorgia Todrani in 1995, Bocelli later on went on to record it through other renowned female artists consisting of Marta Sánchez (Spanish – Vivo por ella), Hélène Ségara (French), Judy Weiss (German) and Sandy (Brazilian Portuguese).

The original song was written by the group O.R.O. But was later on rewritten by Gatto Panceri because that Bocelli and Todrani. In the original version, “lei” (she/her) describes a woman, vice versa, in the rewritten version, the is a referral to “la musica” (music), i m sorry is a feminine noun in Italian.

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Vivo per Lei – Andrea Bocelli – Italian Lyrics

Vivo every lei da quando saiLa prima volta l’ho incontrataNon mi ricordo come maMi è entrata dentro e c’è restataVivo every lei perché mi faVibrare forte l’animaVivo per lei e non è un pesoVivo every lei anch’io lo saiE tu no esserne gelosoLei è di tutti quelli cheHanno un bisogno sempre accesoCome uno stereo in cameraDi chi è da solo e adesso saChe è anche every lui, every questoIo vivo every leiÈ una musa che ci invitaA sfiorarla con le ditaAttraverso un pianoforteLa morte è lontanaIo vivo per leiVivo every lei che spesso saEssere dolce e sensualeA volte picchia in testa maÈ un pugno che no fa roof maleVivo per lei, lo for this reason mi faGirare di città in cittàSoffrire un po’, ma almeno io vivoÈ un dolore quanto parteVivo per lei dentro gli hotelsCon piacere estremo cresceVivo per lei nel vorticeAttraverso la mia voceSi espande e amore produceVivo every lei, nient’altro hoE quanti altri incontreròChe come me hanno scritto in visoIo vivo per leiIo vivo per leiSopra un palco o contro un muroVivo per lei al limiteAnche in un domani duroVivo every lei al margineOgni giornoUna conquistaLa protagonistaSarà sempre leiVivo per lei perché oramaiIo non ho altra via d’uscitaPerché la musica, lo saiDavvero no l’ho roof traditaVivo every lei perché mi dàPause e keep in mind in libertàCi fosse un’altra vita la vivoLa vivo per leiVivo per lei la musicaIo vivo every leiVivo per lei è unicaIo vivo every leiIo vivo every leiIo vivoPer lei

Vivo per Lei – Andrea Bocelli – English Translation

I’ve lived for she sinceThe first time ns met her, you knowI nothing remember how butShe gotten in me and stayed thereI live for her becauseShe makes my heart vibrate stronglyI live for her and it’s not a burden

I additionally live for her you knowAnd don’t be jealousy of herShe belonging to every thoseWho have actually a constantly burn needLike a stereotype in a roomOf anyone who is alone and now knowsThat she additionally belongs come him, this is whyI live because that her

She is a muse who invites usTo brush her through our fingersWith a pianoDeath is much awayI live because that her

I live because that her, the one who regularly knowsHow to be sweet and sensualSometimes she beats down on me butIt’s a beat that never ever hurts

I live because that her, I recognize she makes meTravel from town to town,Suffer a bit, but at the very least I’m alive

It’s painful once she leavesI live for her inside the hotelsWith extreme pleasure she growsI live for her in the vortexThrough my voiceShe expands and produces love

I live because that her, I have nothing elseAnd once I meet othersWhose faces are written through the wordsI live for herI live for herOn a stage or against a wallI live for her on the edgeEven once tomorrow is toughI live for her on the edgeEvery dayA conquestThe protagonistWill constantly be her

I live because that her since nowI have no other means outBecause music, girlfriend know,I’ve truly never betrayed her

I live because that her due to the fact that she gives meUnfiltered pauses and notesIf over there were another life, I’d live itI’d live it because that her

I live because that her, the musicI live because that herI live because that her, she unparalleledI live because that herI live because that herI liveFor her