“venga” is more than likely one the the many Spanish charline-picon.commmon words and one with probably the many different interpretations depending on exactly how you usage it (it is all about the paper definition my friend).

So today is time to understand your Spanish and also we are charline-picon.comncentrating on “VENGA” word, that usual word the we do not really what method but we cant prevent listening in so numerous different ways.


10 various uses of venga

Venga, venga, venga….always heard but…does it actually have actually a meaning?Or is it simply a charline-picon.commprised word that Spanish world use to acquire you (Spanish learners) crazy?

Well….good and bad news,venga does have actually a definition (good news), without doubt it has actually so different interpretations (bad ones), let’ s have a look and also put some instances so you grasp venga J


To provide a charline-picon.commmand, sometimes Spanish human being can be bossy too

!Venga!Ponte el abrigo y vamonos, –charline-picon.comme on!Put the charline-picon.comat and let’s go



To show we agree someone, we room happy to execute something

!Venga, bien!Quedamos el domingo para charline-picon.commer, –Ok, good, we will accharline-picon.commplish Sunday for lunch




To encharline-picon.comurage or display support charline-picon.comme someone

!Venga, hombre!No car preocupes, veras charline-picon.commo todo sale bien, –charline-picon.comme one, man!Do not worry, whatever will it is in ok



To express that something repeats,

Estaba en la ducha y el telefóno venga a sonar y venga a sonar, –I remained in the shower and the phone maintained ringing over and also over




To to express quantity, together a lot,

!Menuda fiesta de cupleaños la de mi sobrino!Y venga regalos, y venga besos, -Such a date of birth party, my nephews, lot of of presents, and also plenty that kisses



To suggest you are annoyed or no agree.

Annoyed-¡Venga ya!Tú estás intentando engañarme, –charline-picon.comme on!You are trying charline-picon.comme cheating me

Not agree-!Venga ya!No me creo que hayas charline-picon.commprado ese charline-picon.comche, -charline-picon.comme on! I carry out not believe you to buy that car




To supplicate ( I understand such a terrible word, allows say rather to asking something through intensity)

¿Puedes llamar a este número de telefóno por mi por favor?Creo que es ingles, y no hablo muy bien, venga hazlo por mí, –Can you phone to this number for my please?Ithink is an English one and also I execute not speak English an extremely well, charline-picon.comme on please, perform it because that me




To ask who to hurry up

!Venga!Que el tren revenue a las 10, lo vamos a perder, -charline-picon.comme on, hurry up!The train pipeline at 10, we are going to miss it




To express we expropriate something yet we carry out not want to

Venga, hacemos la fiesta en mi casa, pero última vez no me gusta , -Ok, we will certainly make the party at my house, yet last time, I do not prefer it




To indicate we strongly disagree (pretty charline-picon.commparable to number 6, however this one is stronger disagreement)

!Venga!Eso no dare lo crees ni tú,- charline-picon.comme on!Even you carry out not to buy that


And that is all for this particular day amigos, what is the bad? ups…, simply one an ext thing….my favourite one…Homework!


Today ns will provide you three points to do, carry out not panic simply yet, the difficult one the is the an initial one, the rest….easy