valueof a number expressionThe number that is the result of analyzing a numerical expression.

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Ex: the worth of 2+3X4is 14. Remember,the order of operations states that multiplication need to be donefirst when analyzing this.

valueof one algebraic expression Thenumber the is the result of examining an algebraic expression.

Ex: the value of 3y+8 = 11 is 1.

valueof a variableA number that is substituted because that a variable.

variableA symbol that have the right to stand for any type of one of a set of numbers or various other objects.

vectorA amount that has actually both magnitude and also direction.


velocitythe price of adjust of distance through respect come time.

vertex(plural vertices) Thepoint 2 sides that a polygon have actually in common. The allude of intersectionof the sides of an angle.


vertex angleThe angle had by equal sides of an isosceles triangle.

Here the vertex angle is at the top.

vertex ofa polyhedronAny that the vertices of the faces of the polyhedron.

verticalangles Twononstraight and nonzero angles created by two intersecting lines, yet whichare not a linear pair. Vertical angle will always be congruent.


verticalcomponent that a vectorThe 2nd component in the bespeak pair summary of a vector, indicatingits magnitude follow me the y-axis the the coordinate plane.

Ex: below we seea vector through an notified pair description of (7,3). Three is the verticalcomponent that this vector.

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verticallineA line v an equation x = h ~ above the coordinate plane.

Ex: The line x= -2 has every x value locked in ~ -2 for every valueof y, and also it looks like this:


volumeMeasurementof the room inside a three-dimensional, or heavy figure. The number ofunit cubes or parts of unit cubes that deserve to be fit right into a solid. Additionally called capacity.

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