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cephalic vein, cephalic version, cephalin, cephalitis, cephalization, cephalo-, cephalocaudal axis, cephalocele, cephalocentesis, cephalochordate, cephalodynia

Cephalo- is a combining form used favor a prefix an interpretation “head.” the is frequently used in medical and scientific terms.

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Cephalo- originates from the Greek kephalḗ, an interpretation “head.”

What room variants that cephalo-?

When merged with words or word elements that start with a vowel, cephalo- i do not care cephal-, as in cephalalgia.

Corresponding develops of cephalo- an unified to the end of words room –cephaly, –cephalic, and also –cephalous, i m sorry you deserve to learn much more about in our Words the Use write-ups for every form.

Also deriving indigenous kephalḗ room the combining develops encephalo- and also encephal-, meaning “brain.”

Want to recognize more? read our native That use encephalo- and encephal- articles.

Examples of cephalo-

A scientific term you may have heard the that attributes cephalo- is cephalopod, a surname for a class of mollusks that incorporate the cuttlefish, squid, and octopus.

Cephalopod is based on the brand-new Latin Cephalopoda, i m sorry is ultimately based on the Greek kephalḗ and poús, meaning “foot.” The last root, poús, is the source of -pod, a combining form meaning “one having a foot.” A cephalopod literally translates to “head-foot,” a recommendation to the illustration of the animals. Ever before see an octopus? It absolutely looks prefer their legs (tentacles) room attached to a huge head.

What space some words that use the combining form cephalo-?

Break it down!

The combining type odynia way “pain.” v this and the definition of cephalo- in mind, what is an daily word because that cephalodynia?

How to usage cephalo- in a sentence

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British charline-picon.com interpretations for cephalo-


before a vowel cephal-

combining form
indicating the headcephalopod

Word origin for cephalo-

via Latin indigenous Greek kephalo-, native kephale head

Medical meanings for cephalo-


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