What does Marlee mean?


▲ as a girls" name is express MAR-lee. The is the English origin, and the definition of Marlee is "marshy meadow". Also variant the Marlene. See likewise Marla. Actress Marlee Matlin. STARTS/ENDS v Mar-, -lee

ASSOCIATED with meadow


VARIANTS Marleigh▲, Marley▲, Marlie

OTHER creates VIA MARLA, MARLENE Marla▼, Marlana, Marlane, Marlayne, Marlea, Marleen, Marleena, Marleene, Marleina, Marlen▼, Marlena▼, Marleni, Marlette, Marlin, Marlina, Marline, Marlyn▼, Marlynne, Marlys▼, Marna

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) middle NAME PAIRINGSMarlee Empress (M.E.), ..

How renowned is Marlee?

Marlee is a rare first name because that women. Marlee is also a rare last name for both adults and also children. (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Marlee gotten in the perform in 1990 and also reached its height rank that #367 in the U.S. In the year 2008, and is currently at #482. (2018 bear STATISTICS)



Which variation is better?

Marley (#221 FROM current RECORDS), Marleigh (#940), Marlene (#1383), Marlie (#1494), Marla, Marlana, Marlane, Marleen, Marlen, Marlena, Marline, Marlyn, Marlys and Marna room the popular alternate forms that Marlee (#482) ranked in the optimal 2000. Various other variants, prefer Marlina, are rarely used. These creates of Marlee were at the apex of their popularity during 1930-1939 (AVERAGE #1429) and also are currently much less conventional (#1634, under 61.8%), with develops such together Marlena falling out of fashion. Marlene is an ext familiar than the rest, despite Marleigh has obtained in consumption over time.

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Similar Names

Marlee▲ is alike in pronunciation to Marleah, Marlo, Marlow, Marlowe▲, Merla, Mirla and Myrla. Other recommended sound-alike names are Arlee, Bailee▲, Baylee, Calee, Caralee, Caree, Carley▼, Carree, Darbee, Darcee, Earleen, Harleen, Harlene, Kailee, Karee, Karleen, Karlen, Karlene, Karlie, Laree, Madlen, Mahalee, Malea, Mallie▼, Marcie▼, Marcilee, Mareen, Marelle, Margeen, Marget, Marial, Marie▼, Mariet, Marike, Marilou, Marilu, Marine, Marjey (see Margaret), Marjie, Markee, Marlies, Marlise, Marlyne, Marlyse, Marnee, Marseea, Marthe, Martie, Martje, Marvele, Marylou▼, Maryse, Mayleen, Maylene, Meriel, Merl, Merle▼, Merrilee, Meryle, Millee, Mirelle, Myrelle, Myrleen (see Merle), Myrlene, Sallee, Tallee, Vallee and Verlee. This names often tend to be an ext frequently used than Marlee.