Usually once someone does no think your present statement has to do through the conversation at your disposal they deserve to ask, "What go that need to do with the price of tea in China"?

Where did that form of explain come from?

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Eric Partridge, "A thesaurus of record Phrases," states this one is a different of "What"s that gained to perform with the price of eggs?" and has been around "since the 1940s--perhaps affected by the expression, e.g. "I wouldn"t perform that, no for every the tea in China."" He identifies the "eggs" saying as "US: since the 1920s, if not earlier."



The finish expression is actually the adhering to question: "What does that need to do v the price of tea in China?"

The price that tea in China is totally irrelevant come the subject of conversation. So, when someone asks this question, it method they’re really surprised by the listener"s comments. Effectively, they"re saying:

Why perform you to speak that?What space you talking about?What walk that need to do through anything?What does that have to do through what we room talking about?

The Wikipedia article Irene mentioned is pretty good.


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No one here seems to have actually answer the inquiry in regards to the origin. The expression is believed to have started in 19th century England where the yes, really price the tea in China was of interest. When someone in the British residence of Commons claimed something rather felt to be irrelevant, it was met through this saying... Meaning, the price the tea in China is a pertinent topic, yet yours is not.

I to be going to agree through the "evolution" that a sarcastic answer native a sarcastic answer from a genuine answer to a real problem: Meaning, originally A lot of England"s money and finance was tied up in the price the tea - at the unloading docks in London each year. "Tea races" were extremely looked at events covering month of travel and high drama indigenous China around Cape Horn come England to get the very first cargo back to London! It influenced what everyone drunk and how much everybody bought and paid for their meals and also drinks. Very, really important - similar to today, the price the oil IS a day-to-day report on the news and also in the stock markets.

But, in China, at the China docks? A little bit less important, yet relevent. People, companies, markets made your yearly earnings - and thus the yearly wages and also salaries and also earnings because that everybody native the owner come the stockholders to the shortest laborer - on just how much the difference in price of tea was in between the China docks and also the London sales rooms. A late ship, a shed ship or spoiled tea product? Disaster. A negative market in China or a negative growing year or famine or a chop failure end there?